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APR 17

Quaker Approaches to Mental Health

17 - 19 April 2020, Birmingham

This weekend will explore Quaker ministry in mental health.

We will share experiences and concerns, looking at spirituality, community support, and political ideas. We will build a community of connections, listening and acceptance. We may prepare a response to the coverage of mental health in 'Faith & Practice'; develop ideas about a Quaker Recognised Body 'Quaker Action on Mental Health'; think about a project of 'Mental Health Friends' – and more…

All are welcome – but we cannot help with current distress.

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For more information contact:

Bev Smith

Telephone: 020 7663 1177

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Date & time

Start: 18:00 on 17 April 2020

Finish: 14:00 on 19 April 2020


Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre
1046 Bristol Road
B29 6LJ
United Kingdom

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