Could you talk about money and giving with Friends in your local or area meeting? Could you offer encouragement to Friends who may not know how vital their support is to Quakerism? If yes, BYM needs you to be part of our network of Giving Advocates.

Giving Advocates are Friends from all over Britain supported by the BYM Fundraising Team. Some are treasurers or collectors in their areas. Others simply want to make sure that the work of their area and BYM is properly funded. As one Friend said, 'Quaker work 'cannot live on air and love alone'.

We meet three or four times a year via Zoom. We provide support to each other, discuss challenges and share ideas and resources. Whether you are a treasurer, collector or just someone interested in talking about money/giving, we'd love to see you there. Email for more information.

The Giving Advocates have developed this Guide, How much should I give to Quaker work? (PDF), to encourage conversations, reflection and giving amongst Friends.

Featured blog

Giving in a time of uncertainty

31 August 2022 by Beth Follini

As the cost of living spirals, Beth Follini looks at how the principle of equal generosity can continue to sustain Quaker work.