Britain Yearly Meeting works on behalf of all Quakers in Britain to strengthen the Quaker community, speak out in the world and promote peace, justice, equality and sustainability. It is thanks to contributions from Friends that we are able to undertake this work.


Guide to contributions

A new booklet providing treasurers and collectors with information about collecting contributions.

Each year we produce a contributions materials for treasurers and collectors to use to encourage contributions from their meeting. Electronic versions of the documents in this pack are linked to below.

Contribution 2024:
Building community

"We know that where Friends feel connected to the Quaker work we do, it increases their commitment to give. The Yearly Meeting is all of us as individual Friends working together. We want to provide you with more resources and support so you and other Friends can feel more connected to the work."

Paul Whitehouse, BYM Treasurer

For the full letter from the BYM Treasurer, please see below:

Contribution materials

  • Contribution leaflet 2024 (England & Wales, PDF)
  • Contribution leaflet 2024 (Scotland, PDF)
  • The 2024 contribution leaflet is in PDF format. It can be opened using Acrobat reader which is available on most computers and free to download. It can be shared by printing out or by email.

    There are two ways of using the forms within the leaflet:

    To return by email: download the PDF and fill in the form by clicking in the boxes and typing the information requested. Save the file, attach it to an email and return to Send an email to this address if you need any support with this process.

    To return by post: Print out the form and complete by hand. Return to the following postal FREEPOST address: 'Contribution 2024, FREEPOST QUAKERS'

    If you would prefer paper copies for your meeting, please email us and we can arrange for these to be sent.

    Presentation and video

    This year, we have produced both a video and a presentation that can be shared with Friends in your area and local meetings.

    Download presentation: Contribution 2024 Presentation (PDF)

    Below is the video you can share.

    Local and area meeting giving

    Some meetings like to use a standard giving form for collections for the local and area meeting. The standard form in PDF format is available below.

    If you have any queries or concerns, please do get in touch with our fundraising team at who will be happy to support you.

    Treasurers' Survey 2023

    Every year, the fundraising team carry out a survey of all area and local meeting treasurers to find how the current economic climate is affecting meeting income and what they anticipate their level of contributions will be. See the Report on the 2023 Treasurers' Survey (PDF).

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