Travelling in the ministry today

Travelling to visit and worship with Friends in other Quaker meetings can be one form of ministry. A year ago, Matt felt led to travel in the ministry among Friends, having read about earlier Quakers who travelled between meetings, carrying a message of hope and light.

Matt standing in metal gateway of Leighton Buzzard Meeting House
Matt outside Leighton Buzzard Meeting House

Matt was initially unsure whether to follow this leading, but spending a lot of time in prayer called Matt to find a way to listen and be faithful to this calling. Oxford Meeting continue to support Matt with his discernment and journey,

Matt is called to fellowship with Friends, especially in smaller or more isolated meetings, who are anxious about the future of our Religious Society. He's drawn to a ministry of comfort and encouragement, and to carry a message about the presence and power of our inward Teacher.

Matt has now visited 13 meetings, including (most recently) Bunhill Fields in London and Wooldale in West Yorkshire. He has upcoming visits to Balby (Doncaster) and Bedford, and feels committed to travel until he's released from this leading. As a piece of the ministry, Matt recently gave a lecture at Pendle Hill on Quaker convincement,

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