Quaker recognised for their service

Jane Muers from Rugby, part of Leicester Area Meeting, has been publicly recognised for her services to the community in Warwickshire. Jane's service has taken many forms, including serving as a volunteer Quaker Prison Chaplain for more than 20 years. Her many other activities include supporting mental health chaplaincy in the area and setting up a charity supporting people with dementia and their carers.

elderly hand being held by a younger hand
Holding hands, much of Jane's work as a prison chaplain and in dementia care focuses on supporting and accompanying people. Photo credit: Flickr

Jane says: 'The award of the medal recognises the contribution of all the members of all the groups of people with whom I have been able to contribute to the community in Rugby and all those who work in so many other ways for the good of this community.'

Jane is one of many Quakers who works for peace and justice in her community.

Quaker faith & practice, 23.10, says "…If our spirituality can reach the depths of authentic prayer, our lives will become an authentic witness for justice, peace and the integrity of creation, a witness which becomes the context for our prayer…" (Gordon Matthews 1989).

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