Journey into membership for a prisoner

A prisoner, serving a life sentence, recently applied to become a member of the religious Society of Friends, with the support of the local Quaker Prison Chaplain, Tricia Bradbury, and was warmly accepted into membership of CEQ area meeting on 19th September 2023. He had been visited by two Friends, following the usual Quaker practice.

sandwiches and Q cake on platters, and lit candle
Celebrating coming into membership, with worship, cake and sandwiches

In his application letter he wrote movingly about the spiritual journey which had led him to apply. He had experience of Quaker Meetings in three different prisons, and found solace within the small circle of chairs (with a candle brightly burning on the table in the middle with a copy of Advice & Queries) writing that his 'heart felt peace and love. For the first time in my life I felt as though I was being fully accepted for who I was'.

He is thrilled to now be a member, and a party was held in the prison to celebrate the event. Appropriately it was the end of Quaker week and on World Quaker Day. A talented Muslim chef had baked a special cake for the occasion with whipped cream icing and a large “Q" on the top. Members of staff who knew the prisoner well came to the party which had a selection of delicious food and drinks.

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