To live simply is at the heart of the Quaker faith. Early Quakers lived simply, focusing on needs, not luxuries, so they could help tackle the poverty around them.

Today we try not to be defined by, or depend on, possessions or the security they appear to bring. We try to live simply so we can share our resources with those who need them more than we do. We acknowledge this way of thinking is at odds with much of today's society.

Simplicity of attitude

We also see value in simplicity of attitude. Integrity marked apart many 19th century Quaker business owners from their peers. Rather than pursuing profit, they sought to live out their faith in business, and achieved great financial success as a result. Their wealth was used to tackle social issues of the day and often helped those on the margins.

Living simply today

Life has changed, but as Quakers we still try to live simply, aware that many in the world live more simply than we do. We constantly try to challenge the way we live and honestly assess what our real needs are. We know that our standard of living can be at the expense of others, so we try not to be caught up in materialism.