Offer service

We all have a part to play in the creation of our Yearly Meeting Gathering, so we need to think of ways in which we can each offer our gifts. There are many ways in which you can help:

Help with practical matters, including: doorkeeping, or sessional work on the children's and young people's programmes.

Help with community activities, including: supporting worship or running activities and spaces that build and maintain community.

See below to find out about volunteer roles at Gathering. To volunteer please use the online form (offsite link).

We also want offers from those willing to help run activities during the week. See the bottom of this page to find out how you can help. You can offer to help run activities by filling in the online form (offsite link).

Volunteer roles

Sessional volunteers on the Children's Programme

Volunteers work under the supervision and in support of the Children's Programme team. You will help at two or more sessions. You may be asked to:

  • support an activity
  • act as a runner for resources or information
  • prepare refreshments for participants
  • share particular skills where asked, such as games or craft work
  • support an individual participant with to carry out an activity

You will not be left in sole charge of children at any time. A Disclosure and Barring check (criminal records check) is not required, but referees will be asked for.

Microphone stewards

Stewards mainly work during Yearly Meeting in session.

In open worship you need to be aware of those who rise to minister in your area and whether there is ministry about to occur from another part of the hall.

During sessions you listen for the clerk to call you to pass the microphone to a specified Friend.

Good knees are required for this as stewards wait kneeling down while the speaker has the microphone.


Doorkeepers mainly work during Yearly Meeting in session.

You monitor the entry of gatherers. You welcome them and hold back latecomers until suitable breaks in the proceedings. You will need to be in position 20 minutes before sessions starts.

Pastoral care volunteers

You will work with members of the Pastoral Care Group (PCG) to provide oversight, practical help or a listening ear. You may be based at the pastoral care desk, in Yearly Meeting sessions, or offering help at mealtimes.

Volunteers work shifts of two to three hours. You may work up to three shifts. You will be briefed and supported by members of the Pastoral Care Group.

The Pastoral Care Group provides help, but not professional expertise, to Friends when situations arise unexpectedly during Yearly Meeting.

Note: Local and area meetings are expected to plan in advance for Friends who are known to need help and support.

If you'd like to speak to a member of the Pastoral Care Group to find out more before offering, please email

Information desk volunteers

You will help Friends to make the best of Yearly Meeting Gathering. It's a great way to say hello to lots of Friends. The Information desk provides a first point of contact. There will be a wide range of information available.


Support Yearly Meeting elders outside Yearly Meeting sessions. We are hoping to offer early morning and late evening worship as well as spaces for ongoing worship. Elders take on roles similar to those at other meetings for worship. We need people with experience of a range of forms of worship, including programmed worship.

Community activities

We would like Yearly Meeting Gathering 2020 to be warm and welcoming. Yearly Meeting Agenda Committee are considering volunteer positions that will grow and nurture the community.

This might include:

  • running a community space
  • guiding Friends to activities, when they are unsure of the way
  • facilitating conversations
  • providing support via 'walking trains' in the evening

Other needs may arise.