The postponed Yearly Meeting Gathering will be held.from 31 July - 6 August 2021 at the University of Bath.

Friends who have booked for this year will be contacted shortly with information on how to transfer their booking until next year. This means we will retain the information already provided about access needs.

Bookings will reopen for Yearly Meeting Gathering 2021 on 11 January 2021.

Everyone should be able to come to Yearly Meeting. All of our accommodation is close to our community space and the campus is on level ground.

The University of Bath has a web page giving details of the accessibility of the campus. The University works with AccessAble, who provides details about the accessibility of our buildings and facilities.

There are a number of accessible bedrooms. If you have a carer or personal assistant, they will be accommodated close/next to you.

There will be a hearing loop system in most of our meeting rooms. Speech-to-text reporting will be available in all Yearly Meeting sessions. The words will be shown immediately on a screen in the hall. We also hope to broadcast this directly to phones/tablets. We hope to share all visual presentations in advance with Friends who have visual impairments and/or that slides are described during the presentation.

When you book, you can tell us what you need or what will help.

You can discuss your needs further by contacting the YMG Accessibility Officer, email or calling 020 7663 1189.

What else do I need to think about?

There will be a lot of people at the gathering and you will be in an unfamiliar environment. Gathering is busy and there will be many things to do. If you are self-catering, you will be sharing a kitchen. If you have half board, you will be eating in a large restaurant/café. Shops are about a 15 minute walk from our community spaces.

We will all be working hard to build a supportive community. There will be some Friends you know, but lots of new people to meet too. Before you book think about what usually helps you cope with your environment.

What might you need to be put in place to help you get through Yearly Meeting Gathering? Who is attending who can support you?

You should first speak to Friends in your meeting to see what help and support they can provide. If they cannot help, the Pastoral Care Group will try to do so but there may be a limit to what can be done.

We will provide some mobility scooters for use during Gathering. You will need to let us know if you need to use one.

If you think you might need support during Yearly Meeting Gathering, these are the things you should do:

  • contact your local or area meeting clerk to find out what help your area meeting can offer
  • discuss your needs with the YMG Accessibility Officer, by emailing or calling 020 7663 1189)
  • when you book, tell us what you will need or what will help

We will do our best to meet your needs, but there may be a limit to what we can provide.