About Yearly Meeting

Yearly Meeting is when Quakers in Britain come together to worship, make decisions and spend time as a community.

Yearly Meetings are also occasions in which we can learn, practise, improve, and take back to our local meetings ways of conducting business which are rooted in Quaker tradition and our own experience yet also meet contemporary challenges.

The purposes and functions of Yearly Meeting are described in Quaker faith & practice 6.02–6.11, which also gives the background to the business agenda.

Yearly Meeting Agenda Committee plans the agenda in consultation with standing committees, area meetings and General Meeting for Scotland, Meeting of Friends in Wales and Young Friends General Meeting and Meeting for Sufferings and its standing committees.

In two years out of three Yearly Meeting meets over a long weekend in May, at Friends House, in London. Once every three years Yearly Meeting is held as a week long residential Yearly Meeting Gathering, held outside London.

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Sharing the costs: Opening access to Yearly Meeting 2018

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