Exploring Faith and Climate Justice is a series of six booklets to help explore what climate justice really means and what it looks like in practice.

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge upsurge in public awareness that our climate is in crisis. We have also seen many people moved to take action to prevent climate breakdown. There are many ways we can respond to this breakdown – one of which is taking action for climate justice.

Rooting our action in justice is a core part of Quaker work on the climate crisis. We believe in national and worldwide economies operating within ecological limits and upholding the wellbeing, dignity and equality of all. As part of that, we need to understand the root causes of climate breakdown and how it is connected with other forms of injustice.

The Exploring Faith and Climate Justice booklets can be used to explore these themes. They can be followed individually or used as part of a study group.  

About the year


    What is climate justice?

    First in a series of booklets exploring climate breakdown and how we might respond.


    The booklets curate resources from all over the world that explore climate justice. If you've ever wondered about what climate justice really means or how to practice it, these booklets and all the linked resources are for you! By joining us in this journey, you will deepen your understanding of climate justice, including learning about:

    • practical examples of climate justice in action;
    • the historical context of climate justice work;
    • how a justice-based approach differs from other approaches to climate action.

    Although the year has been designed with British Quakers in mind, we hope people of faith and anyone interested in climate action will join us in using the resources to explore what climate justice is and why it is important.


    Below we share the resources to guide you through the year. Links will be added as these become available to download.

    Available now:

    Please let us know how you've used these resources and share your feedback.

    (To order printed copies, email climatejustice@quaker.org.uk)

    Action groups

    Alongside the release of the Exploring Faith and Climate Justice booklets, Quakers in Britain and Woodbrooke partnered to run an online course exploring the booklets. This course is now finished, with groups meeting to take forward concerns. If you'd like to find out more about these groups, you can email faithinaction@quaker.org.uk.