These groups demonstrate some of the many interests and concerns that Quakers pursue as part of their wider commitment to their faith. Most groups meet up and organise activities - it's a great way to meet Quakers and make new contacts. Activities are usually open to non-Quakers. Do please contact a group if you are interested to know more about it.

The aims of QARN are:

  • to work to change the way refugees and asylum-seekers (whether recognised under the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees or not) are treated, to ensure that justice and compassion are the guiding principles
  • to support each other as Friends acting under concern and keep Friends in our meetings up to date with developments
  • to work to convince British Quakers that a principled critique of current asylum policy should be part of our corporate Quaker witness, in keeping with our testimony to equality
  • to guide Britain Yearly Meeting, now that Meeting for Sufferings has accepted that asylum is a concern, to help them to work effectively for justice and compassion in our asylum and immigration system.