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Crime, community and justice

Quakers have a long-standing historic involvement with the criminal justice system on both sides of the bars.

This involvement continues into the present day with a commitment by Quakers to address the criminal justice system at all levels from individual prisoners to responding to government consultations.

Quaker Prison Chaplains

In the early days of the Quaker movement many Friends were imprisoned for their beliefs. Ever since, there has been a continuing concern for prisoners and the conditions in prisons, exemplified in the work of Elizabeth Fry, which is continued by Quaker Prison Chaplains today.

Crime, community and justice

Quakers, via their work in the criminal justice system promote restorative justice, which aims to keep everyone who is harmed by crime at the centre of processes and criminal justice systems.

Learning from Experience

Personal narratives from the criminal justice system - an initiative by QPSW Crime, Community and Justice Sub-Committee (CCJS) through which Quakers have collected real stories from real people about their experiences of criminal justice sentencing.

QPSW Crime, Community and Justice publications

Crime, Community and Justice Sub-Committee (CCJS) also responds to government proposals and promotes Quaker values in the wider world.

Get connected with the Crime, Community and Justice sub-committee

The CCJS Activity Group Network is available to any and all groups of Friends engaged in any kind of activity related to the criminal justice system and the people it affects.

Circles of support and accountability

From April 2008 this project is an independent charity, HTV Circles. Three reports have been published on the project's work, the latest in June 2008.

Other organisations, including the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, are also running Circles of Support and Accountability projects and Quaker Peace & Social Witness worked with them to set up the charitable umbrella organisation called Circles UK, launched in 2008.

Circles UK provides all projects with support and help to ensure the work continues to be of high quality.

More information about the work of QPSW and Circles of Support and Accountability can be found here.