Safeguarding is the action that we take as a community to promote a safer culture, it is everyone's responsibility. It is about ensuring the wellbeing and human rights of those participating in BYM events. To support safeguarding at Yearly Meeting Gathering we have developed a set of policies and procedures which we expect staff, and CYP volunteers to follow. This includes the BYM Online Safeguarding Policy and Expectations of CFYP Volunteers and BYM Staff.

If you have a concern about abuse outside of Yearly Meeting Gathering, please go here. If you have a concern or someone has made a disclosure to you at YMG please see the BYM Safeguarding Quick Reference Guide.

'Our Community Agreement' sets out how we will look after each other as part of an online gathering. Behaviour such as bullying, harassment and verbal abuse is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The document 'Policy and Procedures on bullying harassment and verbal abuse' sets out how we will respond to and address these actions and/or behaviours, at both live and virtual events, and any issues arising on social media sites.

Any reports around bullying, harassment and/or verbal abuse can be made both during the event and after the event. Where possible try to resolve the conflict through informal means. However, if this is not possible you should initially approach Yearly Meeting Elders with your concern.

Safeguarding guides and policies

Yearly Meeting 2021: Safeguarding quick reference guide (PDF)

Our safeguarding policy (PDF)

Our online safeguarding policy (PDF)

Expectations of CYP Volunteers (PDF)

Yearly Meeting 2021: Policy and Procedures on bullying, harassment and verbal abuse (PDF)