Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for Yearly Meeting Gathering. Please check back regularly as this page will update as the event draws near.

For general support and enquiries, please contact the Yearly Meeting team by email:


What is the theme of Yearly Meeting?

  • The focus of Yearly Meeting 2023 is on 'Releasing our energy so that we can follow the leadings of the Spirit, fulfil our purpose and build a better world'. We will address the following topics:
  • Releasing our energy – how do we ensure our structures are simple, inclusive and sustainable?
  • Revitalising our communities – how do we revitalise our Quaker meetings and nurture joy
  • Following the leadings of the Spirit – how can we build a better world with integrity, and how can we recognise and support truth in the wider world?

Who can I contact about the theme?

Documents and Preparation

What do I need to do to prepare for Yearly Meeting?

  • 2023's main Yearly Meeting sessions, held at the end of April, introduced ideas for new simple, sustainable and inclusive Quaker structures. Those attending on 1 July will explore the ideas further to offer guidance to those taking the work forward. To be prepared please watch the recordings of prepared ministry and read the minutes please go to the Yearly Meeting documents page.
  • Your meeting may be a source of prayerful support and community to help you to prepare for Yearly Meeting too. This website contains a lot of information to help you prepare for YM whether you plan to attend online or in person.

When will documents in advance be available?

  • Documents in advance will be published online ahead of Yearly Meeting. The documents will be published 15 June

When will I receive documents in advance?

Events & Programme

How do I find out what is happening and when?

Once I have registered for Yearly Meeting will I be able to attend all events?

  • When you register for the additional Yearly Meeting Session this is for your attendance for the full day, including the Meeting for Sufferings Session.

Why do I need to reserve a space to attend a Yearly Meeting session?

  • There are technical limits on the number of participants in one Zoom meeting. It is not possible to have more than 1000 at a time. You may have attended or heard of other Zoom events with thousands of people present. This would have been a Zoom webinar which does not allow us to see each other and share ministry.

What happens if an event is full?

  • The July Yearly Meeting Session does not include any additional events.

What happens if I am unable to attend an event I book for?

  • The July Yearly Meeting Session does not include any additional events.

Support and help

I want to receive support at Yearly Meeting, who can I speak with?

  • Pastoral Care and Yearly Meeting Elders are available to support Friends at Yearly Meeting, whether you plan to attend online or in person. Pastoral Care offers support for Friends who may need emotional, social or spiritual support. Yearly Meeting Elders offer prayerful support and oversight in Yearly Meeting sessions, with drop-in time following each session.
  • For support, please email and we will put you in touch with the Pastoral Care Team.

Where can I receive technical help?

Will there be someone to help me online?

  • In all Yearly Meeting sessions there will be support staff to help Friends with technical problems. Yearly Meeting Elders will also offer prayerful support and oversight, and the Pastoral Care group will be present for Friends at a dedicated time each day. Your meeting may also be able to offer support and technical help.

Who can I contact about accessibility?

  • Please email our Yearly Meeting team at: for any accessibility requirements.

Will Yearly Meeting sessions be accessible?

  • Speech to text and closed captions are available at every Yearly Meeting session. Speech to text is also available as a live transcript. Our meetings will be held on Zoom. Closed captions are accessed on Zoom by a closed caption button, which will be available to participants on the day.

I'm unhappy with someone's behaviour

  • 'Our Community Agreement (PDF)' sets out how we will look after each other as part of an online gathering. Behaviour such as bullying, harassment and verbal abuse is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. The document 'Policy and Procedures on bullying harassment and verbal abuse' sets out how we will respond to and address these actions and/or behaviours, at both live and virtual events, and any issues arising on social media sites.
  • Any reports around bullying, harassment and/or verbal abuse can be made both during the event and after the event. Where possible try to resolve the conflict through informal means. However, if this is not possible you should initially approach Yearly Meeting Elders with your concern.

Registration & Bookings

Do I need to register?

  • Yes. All participants at Yearly Meeting need to register for a place in advance, whether you plan to attend online or in person.

When is the registration deadline?

  • Registration will close for Yearly Meeting and the Children and Young People's programmes on 18 June.

What information is required to register?

  • You will be asked for your contact details, information about your meeting, and your age. We will also ask if you have any accessibility needs or requirements which we will need to be aware of to help you participate in Yearly Meeting.

Who can come to Yearly Meeting?

  • Yearly Meeting is open to all Quakers throughout Britain - members and attenders, adults and children. Friends from overseas are welcome to attend, but please indicate in your registration form whether or you are a representative of your YM or attending in a personal capacity. When you register, we will collect information about your meeting or worshipping community.

How do children register?

  • Children can be registered online, use the main registration link and choose the appropriate form.

    Participants age 14 and over may, if they wish, attend events and sessions outside the Youth, Children & Families programmes. If they plan to attend these events and sessions independently from an adult, they will need to complete the main Yearly Meeting registration form.

    Participants under age 14 years may only attend events and sessions (in person) outside the Youth, Children & Families programmes if accompanied by a responsible adult who is registered for Yearly Meeting.

What do you do with my data?

  • In order to run Yearly Meeting we will need to add your details to our contacts database and to third party suppliers we are using to assist with running this event, including and Mailchimp. If you are already on our database we will update our records based on what you have entered on the registration form. If you are not already on our database we will only hold your details for the purpose of organising this event. In this case, after the event, we will remove your details. We recommend you read the following privacy policy's and statements the Mailchimp privacy policy ( and the Zoom privacy statement ( Zoom will be used for the online elements of Yearly Meeting.
  • If you would like to speak to our team about data protection, please email

Contact us

For help and support contact the Yearly Meeting team by email or telephone:

020 7663 1040