Quaker Life Central Committee supports and strengthens Quaker life throughout the yearly meeting, a position which covers faith and practice: both spiritual nurture and the practical tasks required for the running of our Quaker meetings.

Quaker Life

Quaker Life Central Committee is responsible for discerning, prioritising and coordinating the work of Quaker Life. This work is carried out by staff and supported by time limited working groups and by Friends drawn from the Quaker Life Network.

It is focused on strengthening and sustaining the fabric of Quaker life in our yearly meeting including:

  • Faith and practice
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Children and young people
  • Meeting house staff
  • Outreach
  • Pastoral care
  • Library of the Religious Society of Friends

Quaker Life Representative Council


This two-way channel of communication provides for education, inspiration and consultation, bringing local Friends closer to national work and vice versa

- Quaker faith & practice 8.09


The council meets in April and October each year where a combination of workshops and group sessions provides members with the space to engage with issues relating to Quaker Life work.

Visit the Quaker roles pages to find out about the role of the Quaker Life representative.

Find out more about the Quaker Life Representative Council event by visiting our events pages (you can search for past events here).

Gender diversity

Quaker Life Central Committee is aware that many Quakers are considering questions about gender identity; and that this can be difficult and painful.

We have drafted an initial statement (PDF) on gender diversity. It sets out where we are now as a committee.

We invite all Quakers in Britain to discuss and reflect together on the topic. We hope our discussion paper will help these conversations. We would welcome any personal stories, think-pieces and minutes or notes of discussions in Quaker communities. Please send these with your name, address and the name of your area meeting or other Quaker community.

Send by email to gender@quaker.org.uk or by post to:

Gender responses
Quaker Life
Friends House
173 Euston Road

We're all at different stages on this path, and we ask all Friends to take this forward carefully, prayerfully, with gentleness and love.

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