The Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) keeps Quakers informed of movements towards cooperation within the Christian Church and opportunities for interfaith dialogue, and it responds on their behalf to other Churches and faith communities.

Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) is accountable to Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees and reports directly to Meeting for Sufferings. It consists of up to 18 members appointed by Meeting for Sufferings and also includes members nominated by Ireland Yearly Meeting, General Meeting for Scotland and Meeting of Friends in Wales. QCCIR publishes a newsletter annually, CIRcular and an e-newsletter three times a year.

QCCIR explained

    The committee considers issues and opportunities which may arise from Britain Yearly Meeting's involvement in ecumenical or interfaith work. It also works together with individuals, meetings, other churches and faith groups on ecumenical and interfaith issues.


    • Appoints individuals to represent Quakers in Britain on a range of interfaith bodies.
    • Appoints Friends to Churches Together in England (CTE) and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) working groups
    • Keeps in touch with the work of equivalent bodies in Scotland and Wales, Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS) and Churches Together in Wales (CYTUN).
    • Drafts responses on behalf of Britain Yearly Meeting to consultation papers produced by other churches or the government.
    • Invites and welcomes interfaith and interchurch guests to our annual gathering, Yearly Meeting.
    • Creates booklets, briefings and pamphlets on topics related to the committee.
    • Member of the Inter Faith Network of the UK.

    Find out more

    • QCCIR members are willing to visit your meeting and help you with your interfaith or inter-church work.
    • Subscribe to CIRcular by contacting the QCCIR Committee Secretary, Marigold Bentley.
    • Explore our published materials. We will provide a comprehensive list soon.


    There are lots of faith opportunities for you or your meeting to engage with:

  • Become involved with your local Churches Together or other interchurch groups in your area.
  • Make contact with local non-church faiths or interfaith groups.
  • Contact QCCIR for advice on how to become more involved locally or for a workshop at your local meeting on interchurch orr interfaith concerns.
  • Contact us

    Marigold Bentley

    QCCIR Committee Secretary

    020 7663 1060