Quakers are working with others to expose and challenge the new tide of militarism in Britain.

Militarism is the belief that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests. This makes the world less, not more secure. Investment should be channelled into the humanitarian, peace building and development efforts that will wither the roots of war and build true security.

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    The new tide of militarisation

    This briefing reveals the government strategy to increase public support for the military. We encourage you to use it as a starting point for discussion in your local meeting.

    Global Campaign on Military Spending


    Public understanding of the military and recognition of their role determines the climate within which the Forces can recruit and train, and the willingness of the tax payer to finance them adequately.

    - Ministry of Defence response to the Report of Inquiry into National Recognition of our Armed Forces, 2008


    For too long we have lived with the myth that high military spending maintains peace, creates jobs and combats terrorism. Join people around the world against military spending by running a poll of how we should reallocate the UK's military budget. Resources can be found at demilitarize.org.uk.

    The new tide of militarisation

    Militarism has existed in Britain for a long time, but in the last few years there has been an increase in the promotion of militarism across areas of civil society including education, services for young people and initiatives such as the creation of Armed Forces Day.

    However, many people are not aware that militarisation is happening in Britain, and even fewer know that there is a government strategy behind it. Quakers in Britain are engaged in a wider conversation about militarisation, aiming to increase public awareness and scrutiny of this worrying development.

    The new tide of militarisation briefing reveals this strategy to increase public support for (and willingness to pay for) the military, to make recruitment easier, and to stifle opposition to unpopular wars. We encourage you to use the briefing as a starting point for discussion in your local meeting.

    Watch the Unseen March

    The Unseen March

    Questioning the creeping militarisation of schools, this short film from Quakers in Britain brings together voices from education, the armed forces and public life.

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    Quakers in Britain works closely with other organisations challenging militarism.

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