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Departmental general enquiries

  • Quaker Communication & Services (C&S) telephone: 020 7663 1161

  • Quaker Life (QL) telephone: 020 7663 1017

  • Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) telephone: 020 7663 1071

  • Quaker Finance & Property (QFaP) telephone: 020 7663 1084

  • Recording Clerk's Office (RCO) telephone: 020 7663 1161

Specific enquiries

Please dial 020 7663 and then the extension given below.

BYM Governance

Annual Conference (QPSW) Anne Wilkinson 1062
Annual Conference of Treasurers Anne Wilkinson 1062
Central Nominations Suze Lidbury 1140
Nominations (QL) Oliver Waterhouse 1007
Nominations (QPSW) Anne Wilkinson 1062
Recording Clerk's Office Helen Griffith 1161
Trustees of Britain Yearly Meeting Helen Griffith 1161
Yearly Meeting Anne Wilkinson 1062


Advocacy Jane Dawson 1041
External communcations Jane Dawson 1041
Parliamentary engagement Jessica Metheringham 1107
Press/media enquiries Anne van Staveren 1048 (mobile: 07958 009703)
Public relationship Jane Dawson 1041
Quaker Communications & Services (information) Helen Griffith 020 7663 1161
Quaker faith & practice copyright Louisa Wright 1162
Quaker News Blake Humphries 1063
Social media Nikolas Dadson 1116
Website Nikolas Dadson 1116


Conferences QPSW Annual Conference, Annual Conference of Treasurers 1062
Swarthmoor Hall Jane Pearson 01229 583204
Yearly Meeting/YM Gathering Anne Wilkinson 1062

Finance and property

Accounting matters Sar Muruganathan 1080
BYM property portfolio (excluding Friends House) Malgosia Barcyzk 1097
Friends Trusts Christopher Gregory 1082
Treasurers' support Gaby Scott 1045

Making a financial contribution to Britain Yearly Meeting

Assistance with how to give Maisa Monteiro 1015
Collectors Gaby Scott 1045
Contributions to BYM Rosie Carnall 1066
Fundraising Esther McConnell 1066
Giving in Memory collections Andrew McVicar 1119
Grants for BYM work Miranda Girdlestone 1117
Interest free loans to BYM Malgosia Barcyzk 1097
Legacies Andrew McVicar 1119
Treasurers Gaby Scott 1045
Wills Andrew McVicar 1119

Help for Quaker roles

Advisory Committee on property Malgosia Barcyzk 1097
Clerks' monthly mailing Gaby Scott 1045
Custodian of meeting records Library 1135
Data protection Gary Mitchell 1006
Eldership and oversight Michael Booth 1023
Meeting librarians Library 1135
Quaker Prison Ministers (QPMs): appointment/liaison  Marleen Shepers 1143
Registering Officers Michael Booth 1023
Treasurers' support Gaby Scott 1045
Wardenship Richard Summers 1096

Help for Quaker meetings

Advocacy Jane Dawson 1041
Children and Young People's Section CYP admin 1013
Civil Partnership Jane Dawson 1041
Data protection Gary Mitchell 1006
Education/bursaries Miranda Girdlestone 1117
Funerals Michael Booth 1023
Marriage registration Michael Booth 1023
Meeting Houses grants Malgosia Barcyzk 1097
Meeting libraries Library 1135
Meeting records Library 1135
Outreach Alistair Fuller 1016
Quaker Housing Trust Paula Harvey 1036
Quaker Life enquiries Marleen Schepers 1143
Quaker Life General Secretary Richard Summers 1096
Quaker Life Network Oliver Waterhouse 1007
Quaker Life Resources Andrew O’Hanlon 1017
Safeguarding Michael Booth 1023
Speakers (BYM) Esther McConnell 1066
Speakers (QPSW) Helen Bradford 1071
Support for local initiatives Clare Wood 1038
Updating contact details Gary Mitchell 1006

More about Quakers

Book of Meetings Gary Mitchell 1006
Book publishing Louisa Wright 1162
Outreach Alistair Fuller 1016
Quaker history and Quaker studies Library 1135
Quaker News Blake Humphries 1063
Quaker Voices Marleen Schepers 1143
Visits for schools Outreach 1017

Our peace and social witness work

Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) Helen Bailey/Linda McInnes 1144
Advocacy Jane Dawson 1041
East Africa programmme Laura Shipler Chico 1075
Crime, community and justice Paula Harvey 1036
Disarmament Tim Wallis 1067
Economic issues Suzanne Ismail 1055
Equal marriage Jane Dawson 1041
Grants made by BYM Miranda Girdlestone 1117
Housing policy Paula Harvey 1036
Journal letters Helen Bradford 1071
Middle East programme Teresa Parker 1073
Nonviolence training Steve Whiting
Denise Drake
Parliamentary engagement Jessica Metheringham 1107
Peace education Isabel Cartwright 1087
Peace issues and campaigning Sam Walton 1067
Peace Testimony Marigold Bentley 1060
Prison work Marleen Schepers 1143
QPSW enquiries Helen Bradford 1071
QPSW General Secretary Helen Drewery 1069
Quaker Housing Trust Paula Harvey 1036
Quaker United Nations Office Helen Drewery 1069
Speakers (QPSW) Helen Bradford 1071
Sustainability and Peace Sunniva Taylor 1047
Turning the Tide Steve Whiting
Denise Drake
World War I Jane Dawson 1041
Zimbabwe bursaries Miranda Girdlestone 1117

Relationships with other faith organisations

Interfaith and ecumenical matters Marigold Bentley 1060
Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) Marigold Bentley 1060

Visiting Friends House

Arranging a meeting visit Leslie Bell 1019
Friends House room lettings Sherrill Francis 1100
Hospitality, Services and Facilities Paul Grey 1118
Library Library 1135
Quaker Centre and bookshop Lily Moss-Norbury 1030/1031
Reception   1000