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Social media and Quaker forum

Social media

We use official our Twitter feed and Facebook page to post items of interest to Quakers, but will use them increasingly for campaigning. Please Like and follow our accounts.

Social medi at Yearly Meeting Gathering

The main BYM Facebook page (new window) and Twitter account (new window) will feature some YMG activity. On Twitter please use the hashtag #ymg2014. There is also a YMG 2014 Facebook group (new window) which will feature more detailed information and will be uodated frequently before, during and after YMG.

Friends are reminded not to use social media in session and to turn off mobile devices until the session ends.

Online campaigning

If you want to be right where the action is, why not join our email list? We will contact you as news emerges and ask you to share links, videos and messages.


For more in-depth discussions on topics relating to Quakers please visit our online forum - new window.


If you have ideas or suggestions about how we can improve our online presence please contact