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Giving in memory

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Giving in memory to Quaker work can be a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one.

In memory of a loved one

Sometimes, supporters of our work have asked for donations instead of flowers at their funeral; sometimes, we receive single donations made as a tribute to the memory of a relative or friend. If you would like to donate in memory of somebody, you can:

  • search for them at to see if there is already a page dedicated to them. If appropriate you can create one and let others know so that donations can be made through it;
  • make an online donation and tell us in the comments box (at the end of the sequence) for whom your gift is in memory; or
  • send a cheque, payable to Britain Yearly Meeting, with the name of the person written on the back or in a covering note.

Gift Aid envelopes are available for use when donations are collected at a funeral or memorial meeting. Where a person making a gift can Gift Aid their donation the amount is increased by 25% by the government. To order our Gift Aid envelopes contact Maisa Monteiro on or telephone her on 020 7663.

Create an in memory page for your loved one

If you would like to create a page where people can donate in memory of your loved one, visit our Justgiving page at to set one up easily and for free.

If you wish, you can write something in memory of your loved one and upload some photos. People who donate can also leave a few words.

All donations received through the page will come directly to Britain Yearly Meeting. If you wish to allocate the money to a particular piece of work, simply get in touch with Maisa Monteiro on or telephone her on 020 7663 1015 and we can arrange this for you.

Our Giving in memory service is offered in partnership with Justgiving.

Make a gift in your will

You can leave instructions in your will for people to give to Quaker work in your memory. It's always wise to have an updated will, so to find out more about willmaking and how you can support Quaker work, visit