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Quaker beliefs

Our unity as a worshipping and witnessing community is based on shared experience and shared practice, and not on shared forms of words. We experience divine presence, power and guidance in our worship and in our daily lives. Whilst we would not all use the same words to describe this guiding presence, by following it we find unity with each other and strength to act for justice, peace and truth.

Early Quakers' experiences led them to believe that the Light of Christ was present and active in the world and available to every person, guiding and transforming them. In the same way, we speak and live from our experience of the Light that is within us all.

What do Quakers believe about God?

The video below was taken from the DVD An Introduction to Watford Quakers.

Not all our beliefs are so diverse. Some of our spiritual insights, which we call our testimonies, spring from deep experience and have been reaffirmed by successive generations of Quakers. These testimonies are to truth, equality, simplicity and peace. You can find out more about these testimonies, and how we live them out in our day-to-day lives, by reading our introduction toQuaker faith and action.

Because of our fundamental commitment to equality and inclusion, we welcome the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community. We affirm the love of God for all people, whatever their sexuality. You can find out more about Quaker beliefs and attitudes by reading our Advices & queries, which gives a flavour of the Quaker approach to life.