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Outreach and Quaker Week


Outreach is about helping people to find us and, when they do, to offer them welcome, encouragement and friendship. It can involve holding events and activities, putting up posters and being more visible; it can also involve working as meetings to deepen and enrich our life together so that we can be a place where seekers might find a spiritual home. The Outreach team at Quaker Life support Friends and meetings around the country in connecting with their wider communities, sharing their Quaker faith with others and strengthening our life as living communities of faithful people.

Quaker Week 2015

3-11 October 2015
Live Adventurously

Every autumn, we hold Quaker Week, a national event in which we particularly encourage meetings to think about outreach and perhaps to organise an outreach event. Whilst many meetings do outreach all year round, Quaker Week offers a time to focus on all the things we do that enable people to discover more about Quakers and the Quaker way.

Quaker Week 2014 ran from 4-12 October and the theme for the posters was "Let Your Life Speak", focusing on the spiritual root and the practical living out of our Quaker testimony.

To help you with your planning for future Quaker Week events you might like to look at

Outreach handbook [PDF: 1.98mb - new window]

Live adventurously - Quaker Week leaflet 2015 [PDF: 2.17mb - new window]

Outreach booklet 2014-15 [PDF: 4mb - new window]

Please also see the Outreach and social media pages for information on how to join in with Quaker Week activities.