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Outreach and Quaker Week

Picture of family - caption reads "Live simply. Finding God in everyone"Outreach is the sharing of information on Quaker convictions, beliefs, practices with the general public. We are not out to convert people but to point them to the divine light that is in them. As well as working nationally on behalf of Britain Yearly Meeting, the Outreach Section encourages all Friends in the practice of sharing their spiritual journeys with others and listening to the journeys of other people.

Quaker Week 2014

Quaker Week 2014 will run from 4-12 October and the the theme for the posters will be "Let Your Life Speak" (the poster pictured here is from 2013).

Quaker Week is not compulsory: meetings can take part or not as they feel led. Similarly, there is flexibility in the dates: some meetings run a couple of weeks early or late to fit in with other local events.

Outreach handbook [PDF: 1.98mb - new window]

Outreach booklet 2014 [PDF: 4mb - new window]

Please also see the Outreach and social media pages for information on how to join in with Quaker Week activities.