All parts of Britain Yearly Meeting must follow its policies on information security and data protection which Meeting for Sufferings Committee agreed on behalf of Meeting for Sufferings in July 2003.

This page details the various assistance the Data Safety Group at Friends House can give Friends to do this.


Data safety and information security: guidance for meetings

This booklet (updated in 2014) has guidance for meetings and committees on data safety and information security, including policies and compliance, frequently asked questions, sample forms and examples

Other documents available

The documents listed below are available from the Data Safety Group at Friends House (contact details at the foot of this page):

  • Sample consent form - an editable copy of the sample consent form which can be saved on your computer
  • Summary statement - this can be printed on the reverse of the consent form
  • Information sheet on the contact database - this explains how personal information on the Friends House database is used.

Book of Meetings

Britain Yearly Meeting publishes the Book of Meetings annually. Contact details published in the Book of Meetings are considered public information. Yearly Meeting staff and others may give these to an enquirer without asking further permission.

Area meetings registered with the Charity Commission and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)

Area meetings which are already registered charities should consider whether the need to register with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Contact us

Helen Griffith
Data Safety Group
020 7663 1161