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Newsletters and Periodicals

Quaker News
Free magazine about the central work of Quakers in Britain.

@BritishQuakers - offsite link
The twitter feed of Quakers in Britain.

Quakers in Britain - offsite link
The facebook page of Quakers in Britain

YM updates
An email update that is active before, during and just after Yearly Meeting or Yearly Meeting Gathering.

Monthly Mailing
An informational mailing from Friends House to the clerks or correspondents of local and area Quaker meetings

Trustees’ & Treasurers’ News
This new publication, superseding both Treasurers’ News and the Trustees’ Bulletin, covers relevant topical issues and is published three times a year. Contact Gaby Scott to subscribe.

News about Quaker engagement with interfaith and inter-church work is available in CIRcular - a print newsletter published ahead of each Yearly Meeting, supplemented by QCCIR e-newsletters three times a year - contact to be added to the mailing list.

Quaker Strongrooms - offsite link
A blog from the library of Quakers in Britain

Library of the Society of Friends - offsite link
The facebook page of the Friends House library.

Books of the Month
The newsletter from the Quaker Centre Bookshop Books of the Month is available free of charge via email or by post.

Earth and Economy
Earth and Economy is a newsletter for Quakers and others who want to know more about and take action to promote economic justice and sustainability.

@EandEquaker - offsite link
News from the Quaker Peace & Social Witness economics and sustainability staff team.

Sustainable Quakers - offsite link
A space for Quakers taking action on sustainability to share and connect with each other and with QPSW's Sustainability & Peace programme.

Quakernomics - offsite link
A forum for discussion and debate about the relationships between economics, our lives, and the planet.

Quaker Vote - offsite link
Quaker Vote is a website about the 2015 general election, including a blog. It gives an overview of some Quaker concerns and provides advice on how to use the general election as a chance to engage with candidates and others in your community. There is also a Twitter account @QuakerVote, providing news and comments on the election.

Peace Exchange
Peace Exchange is a resource helping Quakers and non-Quakers alike to take action for peace.

Educate and Disarm - contact to be added to the mailing list.
Educate and Disarm is written to help develop a deeper understanding of the Quaker peace testimony, promote and deliver peace education and campaign for sustainable global security through disarmament

@PeaceEduQuaker - offsite link
News and comments from the peace education programme, promoting learning about the values, skills and understanding of peace.

@DisarmQuaker - offsite link
The latest news and comment from the peace & disarmament programme, challenging the occasion for all wars on issues like Trident renewal and militarisation.

Making Waves - offsite link
Making Waves is the periodic journal of Turning the Tide, a QPSW programme. It contains a range of features, usually topical and specially commissioned.

EAPPI UK & Ireland mailing list
Subscribe to the EAPPI UK & Ireland mailing list to receive the latest eyewitness stories from UK and Irish Ecumenical Accompaniers and hear about actions you can take to help end the occupation.

Journal Letters
Coming out 3-times a year, Journal Letters are intended to give news and reports on the daily life and surroundings of QPSW one-year workers.

Quaker Voices
A bi-monthly magazine, a subscription to Quaker Voices is £20 in the UK, further details from

Journeys in the Spirit: Children
A monthly newsletter, Journeys in the Spirit: Children offers resources and ideas to Quakers engaging with children and young people.

Journeys in the Spirit: Young People
Coming out 3-times a year, the youth work edition of Journeys in the Spirit provides a range of ideas to use with 12 to 18 year olds in a Quaker context.

Children and young people's work news
A monthly update to the website on the work of the CYP programme of Quaker Life.

Quaker Life Young People's Network - offsite link
A facebook page that links you as a young person and the insights, passions and skills that you have as members of the Quaker community, with the work of Britain Yearly Meeting and beyond.

Quaker Youth Work Network - offsite link
The facebook group for anyone who works with Quaker young people, to share ideas, success stories, useful resources and ask questions of each other.

Quaker Life Network email
Quaker Life helps to support Friends and meetings through the Quaker Life Network. There are QLN clusters on various topics.

Quaker Life Network newsletter
A PDF document added to the website, Quaker Life Network news is published each year before Yearly Meeting. It gives all Quakers a flavour of what the network does and how it works.

Quaker Life Network - offsite link
The facebook page of the Quaker Life Network

Friends House Hospitality - offsite link
News from the Hospitality Company of Quakers in Britain on their facebook page

Friends House Restaurant - offsite link
Daily menu and news on the facebook page of the restaurant in Friends House, London Euston

Quaker Centre Cafe - offsite link
News and offers on the facebook page of the cafe in the Quaker Centre, London Euston

For all queries relating to publications please contact

Quaker Communication and Services
Friends House
173 Euston Road

020 7663 1162