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Faith and Action

Quaker faith springs from a deeply held belief in living our lives according to our spiritual experience. Some of our spiritual insights, which we call our testimonies, spring from deep experience and have been part of Quaker faith for many years.

These Quaker testimonies arise out of an inner conviction and challenge our normal ways of living.

Working for peace

Working for peace

From early in our 350-year history, Quakers have taken a clear stand for peace.  We promote the clear understanding of the Quaker commitment to peace and its expression in the world today. More...

Justice and equality


Quakers recognise the equal worth and unique nature of every person. This means working to change the systems that cause injustice and inequality and hinder the development of true communities. More...

Living faithfully


Quakers seek to actively embrace their beliefs and express them through their actions, essentially 'living what we believe'. Quaker beliefs vary, but some common themes seem to persist. More...