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OCT 20

Facilitation and Leadership

20 - 22 October 2017, Birmingham

An event for 15 to 21 year olds.

Facilitation and Leadership is a weekend to help you understand groups. You'll explore and try out facilitation skills and leadership alongside exploring being a Quaker facilitator.

“I expected to develop skills to facilitate and I think I have as I now know more methods..."

This event will enable you to develop your confidence; your understanding and your skills as a facilitator. It combines theory with opportunities to put what you have learnt into practice during the weekend.

The aims of the weekend are:

• Understanding community

• Exploring how groups form and how they work together

• Considering how to plan for facilitation

• Understanding characters in groups

• Understanding the importance of inclusive facilitation

• Learning about facilitating Quaker activities

Cost: £95 (includes food and accomodation).

Bookings: Closing date 1 October. If you would like to come, you need to apply by completing the online form and indicating that you will uphold the community agreement.

If you are aged 17 or under the form should be completed by your parent/guardian. Please read our leaflet "Providing information about participant needs" for more details about why we ask for this information.

The participant should read the Community agreement and indicate at the end of the application form that they will uphold this during the event.

More information

For more information contact:

Thais De Oliveira

Telephone: 020 7663 1013

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Date & time

Start: 21:00 on 20 October 2017

Finish: 15:15 on 22 October 2017


Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre
1046 Bristol Road
B29 6LJ
United Kingdom

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