Children and young people are a vital part of the life of Quaker meetings. The Children and Young People's Work team in Quaker Life offer training opportunities and conferences to support Quaker meetings in this work.

Offering opportunities and supporting work for children and young Quakers can seem complicated and can be hard to do. It is important to do this work well.

Quaker Life offer a variety of opportunities to help Quakers in their work with and oversight of children and young people in Quaker settings. We do not seek to tell you what to do but hope to enable you to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes so that your work with young Quakers is effective.

Conferences and workshops


    These opportunities will support Quaker engagement with children and young people in local and area meetings. The workshops are facilitated by the children and young people's work trainers who are part of the Quaker Life Network. They are supported by the children and young people's work staff team.

    Workshops you can request

    Celebrating babies, toddlers and families in Quaker meetings

    Seeking to bring Friends together to explore issues, ideas and practicalities relating to ages 0 to 3 and families in meetings.

    Building relationships in children's meeting: nurture and discipline

    For those who wish to develop their skills and approaches in working with children or who are considering working with children in meetings.

    Being ready for children in your meeting

    For those in Quaker meetings that do not currently have engagement with children, who wish to consider what they can do to be ready for children coming to meeting.

    Working with small numbers and a wide age range

    For those involved in or supporting children's work who are working with small numbers of children of a wide age range.

    Storytelling as theological reflection: exploring Godly Play

    This workshop is for those involved in or supporting children's work. It offers opportunities to explore and practice the use of story for theological reflection and journeying with children using the Godly Play approach.

    Exploring the spiritual with young people

    Encouraging adults to journey alongside young people in their spiritual journeys.

    Feel the fear... and introduction to CYP work

    Aimed at those new to working with children and young people in a Quaker context, this workshop considers purposes, spiritual developments, ideas, resources available and planning.

    All age worship

    This workshop is for all those in the Quaker meeting who wish to develop their thinking and practice about ways for the whole meeting to engage fully in worship together.

    Bespoke day or a consultation visit

    Your meeting may have a particular area of concern in its children and young people's work that it wants to explore. A bespoke day or consultation visit might be the thing to request. You will then be sent a further form to provide more information about your meetings needs.

    Some practical details for meetings hosting workshops

    • Hosting meetings need to provide a suitable venue, supply refreshments, guarantee at least six participants and have a contact person for liaison before an event.
    • A charge of £5 per person is made, payable on the day.
    • Participants will need to bring a packed lunch.
    • All workshops are timed to last a day (10.30–16.00 or equivalent) so would normally take place on a Saturday or Sunday.
    • The children and young people's work staff team in Friends House will promote the workshop to other meetings in the vicinity, process bookings, write to all who book, provide the workshop facilitators and materials for the workshop.

    You can make a request to host a workshop in your meeting by filling in our workshop request form. Or download the workshop leaflet about working with and including children and young people which includes booking information.

    Upcoming workshops

    Upcoming opportunities will be posted here.


    See below details of the conferences that we hold to support children and young people's work done in Quaker meetings across Britain.

    Quaker Youth Work Conference

    The Quaker Youth Work Conference is aimed at those who engage with Quaker young people aged 11 and older. The day long conference gives the opportunity to discuss issues of common concern, network with other people doing the work and learn from each other.

    The conference is an annual event. In 2016 this takes place on Saturday 5 November at Friends House London. More details to follow.

    Area Meeting Children and Young People's Work Advocates Conference

    The Area Meeting Children and Young People's Work Advocates Conference took place at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre from 6–8 November 2015. This conference takes place every three years and is a chance for advocates to come together and learn about the role.

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