Each year, Yearly Meeting appoints Friends to serve in different ways at the event. It also appoints people to serve on committees and groups through the year.

Committee to Examine Minutes (Dots and Commas)

This committee checks the minutes at the close of each session and corrects small errors. To suggest a Friend to serve on this committee please fill in this short form.

Names brought to Yearly Meeting for Appointment will be added to this page on 1 April. The list will be regularly updated. These names are only added after a careful and prayerful process. If you see a problem with the service of any of the Friends named please contact Zoe Prosser.

Meeting for Sufferings

Nominations received from area meetings and other Quaker bodies for representatives and alternates for 2018-2012 will be posted here. The names will be here from 1 April and will be regularly updated. If you see any mistakes or missing names, please ask your area meeting clerk to contact Graham Spackman on


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