Yearly Meeting 2019

Final minutes

Final minutes of Yearly Meeting 2019 (Word), including minutes from the Children's Programmes and from the Young People's Programme in Minute 44.



Clare Scott Booth introduces the themes of Yearly Meeting 2019 (Word)

Siobhan Haire introduces the agenda (Word)


Slides for Power and Privilege Walk (Powerpoint)

Introduction to Power and Privilege Walk (Word)

Additional Resources - extra questions that could be considered within the context of the Power and Privilege exercise

Maud and Nim's introduction - Looking through the lens of privilege at climate justice and inclusion (Word)


Meeting for Sufferings report - introduction by Anne Ullathorne (Word)

Hearing other voices - text from all four speakers (Word)

Introduction to Trustees Report and Accounts 2018

Invitation to Yearly Meeting 2020 (Word)

Form for offer of service at Yearly Meeting Gathering 2020 (offsite)

Introduction to Quaker Stewardship Committee's report (Word)

Swarthmore Lecture

The Swarthmore Lecture video will be edited by Woodbrooke staff and added to the Woodbrooke website. We will provide a link to the correct page soon.

Salter Lecture

Catherine West delivers the Socialist Society Salter Lecture: Solutions for a divided society


Preparing for Yearly Meeting


Annual report

Trustees' annual report, including financial statements for the year ending December 2018 (PDF: 1.5mb)

Our faith, our work: annual review 2018 (PDF: 3mb) is not formally a Yearly Meeting document, but Friends may find it helpful.

Schedule of Nominations and Parallel Sessions (PDF)

Tabular Statement (PDF)

Letter of Greeting from Friends World Committee for Consultation

Letter of Greeting from FWCC Europe and Middle East Section

At Yearly Meeting 2019 we will examine our privilege (and assumptions of privilege). Privilege - whether we recognise it or not - fundamentally impacts our ability to act on our urgent Quaker concerns regarding climate justice and sustainability, and inclusion and diversity. Whether coming in person or upholding Yearly Meeting from elsewhere, please help the discernment by reading the preparation guidance in:

Resources to help prepare for Yearly Meeting

Looking through the lens of privilege

Owning power and privilege - toolkit for action (PDF)

For hard copies please email Philip Wood on

Sustainability and climate change


At Yearly Meeting, committees appointed to do work on behalf of Britain Yearly Meeting give accounts of how they have done this. Their reports can be found in Agenda and notes (available in March 2019) or in the Trustees' annual report and financial statements for 2018.

Yearly Meeting also appoints people to carry out work at Yearly Meeting and throughout the year. These nominations are on the nominations page.

Reading these reports and being aware of the nominations is part of spiritual preparation for Yearly Meeting.

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