Yearly Meeting 2018


Epistle of Yearly Meeting




From Friday evening: Assistant Clerk Clare Scott Booth introduce Yearly Meeting Arrangements Committee and its thinking around Yearly Meeting 2018.

From Friday evening: Ursula Fuller introduces the Quaker Stewardship Committee report.

From Friday evening: Anne Ullathorne introduces the report from Meeting for Sufferings. Closed captions not edited yet.

From Saturday: 'Is it time to revise our book of discipline?' With Clare Scott Booth, Lesley Richards and Adwoa Bittle.

From Sunday morning: Nick Perks of the Book of Discipline Revision Group. Closed captions not edited yet.

From Monday morning's session: Cliodhna Mulhern, Lancashire Central And North AM and Haifa Rashed, Young Friends General Meeting. Closed captions not edited yet.

Ingrid Greenhow introduces Trustees' annual report and financial statement with Peter Ullathorne.

Session 1

Session 2

Is it time to revise Quaker faith & practice, our book of discipline?


The Salter Lecture 2018

In 'Bearing witness or bearing whiteness?' Diana Jeater examines the complex historical relationship between Britain, Quakers and Africans. The Salter Lecture is not formally a part of Yearly Meeting, but is a popular, public event held at the beginning of each Yearly Meeting weekend. It is arranged by the Quaker Socialist Society. With Mick Langford and Tim Gee. More information about the Quaker Socialist Society can be found at

The Swarthmore Lecture

The Swarthmore Lecture is officially part of Yearly Meeting, but is hosted on the Woodbrooke website.

Documents in advance

More documents will be added to supplement Documents in advance during Yearly Meeting. These include minutes and reports.

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