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Using our resources well

A gathering of people in 18th Century dressWe aim to look after our resources with integrity, and to put our assets to work in the world in a positive way.

We have tried hard to minimise the environmental impact of our buildings and our work. We launched our environmental values statement, which outlines our targets to achieve the sustainable management of Friends House.

We continued to develop the ways in which we make our heritage available to others. Our library is one of the most important collections relating to Quakers and their activities in the world, and in 2009 we added over 5,000 items to its online catalogue.

In 2009:

  • we showcased some of the wealth of material in the Library’s collection through an online exhibition on Quakers
  • we restored a late eighteenth-century painting (pictured) together with a range of other books and pamphlets through our successful BeFriend a Book scheme
  • our library, in partnership with the UK Web Archive at the British Library, began a project to collect and archive UK Quaker websites
  • an average of 1,600 visitors each month came to our online Quaker forum at to learn about and discuss the Quaker way
  • we renewed our commitment to investing through Rathbone Greenbank, an investment firm which takes account of our clear ethical, environmental and social concerns
  • we replaced 23 staff computers at Friends House with new units that use 50% less energy, recycling old units through Computer Aid
  • we managed the organisation with four fewer staff members
  • we made better use of our valuable asset, Friends House. Friends House Hospitality (London) Ltd increased its business enabling it to contribute some £1,400k to Quaker work