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Strengthening our spiritual roots

Bookshop and cafe

We offer encouragement and resources to help Quakers explore their spirituality. We provide assistance with the practical elements of our lives together – training for wardens; advice for treasurers; guidance on legal matters; resources for youth workers; and much more.

In October 2009 we redeveloped part of Friends House to open the Quaker Centre (pictured), showcasing who Quakers are and what we do. The new centre includes a café and bookshop, a worship space and a resources desk staffed by Quaker volunteers.

In 2009:

  • we prepared young people as leaders and facilitators to take full part in our Yearly Meeting Gathering (YMG) in York in July. We gave young people the opportunity to participate in Quaker decision-making at the highest level. They also spent time with their peers, explored the YMG themes, and built friendships
  • the number of subscribers to Journeys in the Spirit, our popular resource pack for working with children and young people, exceeded 1,000
  • we hosted a joint conference for Children and Young People’s Work Advocates and Quaker youth workers. Over 50 people attended, making links and sharing experiences
  • we delivered workshops, ideas and materials to local meetings to help them fundraise more effectively for local and central Quaker work
  • we expanded the Quaker Life Network – which aims to deepen the life of the Yearly Meeting – to over 160 members, who helped meetings with needs ranging from proofreading to community-building
  • we worked with Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre to provide training for Quaker roles and opportunities for deepening spiritual life
  • we ran two new events: a pilgrimage and an “Outward bound, inward bound” adventuring event for 12–15-year-olds, attended by more than 60 young people – many of whom had never attended national Quaker events before

“God calls us to make the most of what we have; always to remember the good, the true and the beautiful; to be inspired and inspiring.”

Yearly Meeting Gathering 2009 Epistle