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Quaker Life of Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.

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We are no longer accepting subscriptions for Quaker Voices.

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Quaker Voices is published bimonthly by Quaker Life to provide spiritual nurture for individuals and meetings.

Thank you for the support you have given Quaker Voices, however, from January 2018, we are ceasing production of the journal.

We have been aware that for some years subscriptions have been falling steadily and, after a period of reflection and review we feel that the resource and staff time could be better used in developing more effective ways of engaging Friends and meetings in spiritual nourishment and learning. This remains a core part of our work in Quaker Life. We shared our thinking with Quaker Life Central Committee, who support this decision.

Thank you again for your support of Quaker Voices and of our work.

Latest issue: January 2018

Quaker Voices cover showing trees in a forest

  • Editorial (PDF)
  • A new Quaker Meeting's story by Richard Bush (PDF)
  • Costly witness by John Lampen
  • Faith and works by David Lewis
  • Ars Vivendi; Ars Moriendi; Quaker Worship by Robert Ilson
  • Living my faith by Bruce Crowther
  • Apostle (review) by Richard Summers
  • Quaker saints by Alan Penn
  • Hornborgasjön. Sweden by Peter Leeming
  • Yearly Meeting Gathering 2017 Children and Young People's Programmes by Cat Waithaka, Lucy Sam, Melanie Cook
  • Wise use of technology by Judy Clinton
  • Ambushing Spring at Swarthmoor Hall by Maggie Norton
  • Live Adventurously. Drama. by Diana Brockbank
  • God-Soaked Life: Discovering a Kingdom Spirituality (review) by Mike Evans
  • What politics and economics for equality? by Bernie Kennedy
  • This morning by Elizabeth Mills
  • New Light by Joyce Trotman
  • Embercombe by Emily Huelin, Lily Oliver, Maddie Jule and Gabriel Carter

Archive issue: November 2017

View the full PDF online here (3.54MB)

  • The Getting of Wisdom by Heather Mary NicMillan
  • Together... for worship by Roger Ferguson
  • Becoming ghosts by Kathleen Bell
  • Yearly Meeting Gathering, University of Warwick 2017 by Jenny Kay
  • Heart of Oneness, a little book of connection (review) by Lynden Easterbrook
  • Toddler lessons by Abigail Maxwell
  • My spiritual journey by Ray Green
  • Wordless dementia by Dudley Warman
  • A brief look at CG Jung's concept of 'The Shadow' by Martyn Tozer
  • Rededication of Peace Garden by Celia Feane & Judith Hammond
  • The Peace Garden by Ann Warren
  • Exploring Limits to Growth by Tim Baynes
  • Living our beliefs (review) by Mary Woodward
  • My friend and ambition by Michael Bayley
  • The Quaker peace-building in art calendar (review) by Peter Rivers
  • Quaker Campers 2017 by Nancy Thompson
  • Christmas: Present by Maggie Norton
  • Weirdness, the True Self and raison d'être by Elizabeth Angas
  • Nettles by Bob Ward
  • New Beginnings - New Step by TC Davis
  • Memories of Yearly Meeting Gathering 2017 by Thomas Nunn & Katy Nunn
  • Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World (review) by Macy Jewel Fagborun Bennett

Archive issue: September 2017

Read the editorial letter (PDF) here. (42KB)

  • Living with Schizophrenia by Jason Evans
  • Learning and development in an Area Meeting by James McCarthy
  • Our Life is Love: Pendle Hill, May 2017 by Joanna Dales
  • Finding the life narrative by Peggy Heeks
  • Difficult feelings by Abigail Maxwell
  • A Tale of Two Sisters by Bob and June Ward
  • Spiritual direction: it's about watering the roots by Katie Evans
  • Global warming and the family by Dudley Warman
  • The Spaces In-Between (Further Thoughts) by Valerie Graves
  • Like dew falling gently by Elizabeth Mills
  • The World in My Heart (review) by Mike Evans
  • A Quaker Prayer by Ryan Kemp
  • Striking down the flatterers and liars by David Lewis
  • Harvest Time by Barbara Crawford
  • I'm a Girl! (review) by Rosemary Sturge
  • The Silence of the Kids by Robert Ilson
  • If This Is a Man and The Truce (review) by John Lewis
  • Earworms (review) by Bernie Kennedy
  • Spirituality and End of Life by Ann Forsyth
  • Discerning the future of an historic Meeting House by Ben Pink Dandelion
  • Living with Schizophrenia: Director's Cut by Jason Eva
  • How to corrupt the young by David Amos

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