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QPSW conferences and events

There are two upcoming Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) conferences. Each has its own application forms:

A changing world: changing the way we work

QPSW autumn conference 30 October - 1 November 2015
Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire

  • How is the work of QPSW changing?
  • How can Friends continue to uphold the work done on their behalf?
  • How can Friends become more involved in the work of QPSW?

Many Friends have long been supporters and upholders of the work of Quaker Peace & Social Witness. This conference aims to connect those Friends more closely with the work and with each other. We will look at the way we have been building links across the work at staff and committee levels and at how we have been changing the way we work in response to requests from Friends.

You will have the opportunity to meet with Friends currently serving on sub committees overseeing the work of QPSW, and, we hope, with representatives from Meeting for Sufferings and BYM Trustees to see how Britain Yearly Meeting puts faith into action. We also expect to hear from Friends working in their local area with assistance from QPSW.

We will spend time reflecting on the spiritual underpinning of the work and how we can continue to uphold the work. And there will be time for Friends to connect with one another – either geographically or according to areas of interest.

This conference is particularly aimed at:

  • Longstanding supporters of QPSW
  • QPSW Correspondents
  • Committee members or those interested in offering service

Letters and forms

Paper forms can be posted to:

Events & Committee Services - Kristin Skarsholt
Freepost QUAKERS

or emailed to

Castle or community? Quakers' role in building the new Europe

QCEA/QPSW biennial conference, 4-6 December 2015
Chant d’Oiseau Conference Centre, Brussels, Belgium

Friends from all over Europe are invited to gather in Brussels and reflect on these questions together:

  • What kind of Europe do we want?
  • How do we work together to build the Europe we want?
  • How can Quaker values and processes contribute to effective advocacy?
  • How does our witness inform our advocacy and affect European policy?

This conference will give Friends the opportunity to explore our vision for Europe, our hopes and fears, and our current concerns. Above all, we will have the opportunity to connect with and build community with Friends from all over Europe.

There will be facilitated discussions by a team of Quaker facilitators and the chance to hear a keynote speaker on the witness and advocacy work of QCEA and from a Friend working within one of the European institutions. There will also be a choice of workshops and discussion groups to learn more about the work of QCEA and QPSW.

Closing date for registration: 30 September 2015
Booking is essential as places are limited!

For further information please visit the events page of the QCEA website or contact George Thurley or Kristin Skarsholt using the details below

George Thurley
Quaker House
Square Ambiorix 50
B-1000, Bruxelles
Telephone: +32 (0) 2 230 4935

Kristin Skarsholt
Friends House
173 Euston Road
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7663 1121

Letters and forms