Quaker concern for the Earth and the well-being of all who live in it is not new. It is deeply rooted in our faith. We reaffirmed our commitment to act as a faith community in 2011 with the 'Canterbury Commitment'.

A commitment to the 'unity of creation' has always been part of Quaker faith. Early Quakers knew that to damage the earth just for human 'outward greatness' would be an injustice on future generations.

In 2011 Quakers reaffirmed our commitment to act as a faith community with the 'Canterbury Commitment' (minute 36 of Britain Yearly Meeting). This called on Quakers to act in new ways - individually, as local communities, as a corporate body of faith, and politically. It recognised that the environmental crisis is enmeshed with global economic injustice and that tackling inequality is central to taking action on climate change. The Canterbury Commitment also makes clear that this is a spiritual task.


Canterbury Commitment

The Canterbury Commitment (minute 36 of Britain Yearly Meeting) was made in 2011, and commits Quakers to take action collectively to build a 'low-carbon, sustainable community'. Use this leaflet as a starting point for discussion about how you can meet the commitment.

About our commitment

Climate change is a concern of Quakers around the world. In 2015 Quakers globally signed up to a statement on climate change that has been used at the UN climate negotiations. Sustainability is a core area of work for the Quaker United Nations Office (offsite link).

The Karabak Call for Peace and Ecojustice was issued in 2012 by the World Conference of Friends (the global body of Quakers). The Karabak Call recognises that many environmental crises are driven by our economic system. It states that Quakers are 'called to be patterns and examples in a 21st century campaign for peace and ecojustice, as difficult and decisive as the 18th and 19th century drive to abolish slavery'.

Green advices and queries is a list of thought-provoking questions and reflections about the earth and environmental action in the context of Quaker concern.



Britain Yearly Meeting Sustainability group

The Sustainability Group of Britain Yearly Meeting oversees and encourages progress towards the commitment to become a low-carbon, sustainable community.

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