Quakers are inspired by faith to build a more equal world. Since 2014 Quakers have been campaigning on the Living Wage as part of our testimony to equality.

The Living Wage is based on the cost of living and is voluntarily paid by nearly 7000 UK employers who believe that workers deserve to be paid fairly. The Quaker Living Wage Campaign works with the Living Wage Foundation (offsite link) to help Quaker organisations become accredited Living Wage Employers.

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    Quaker Living Wage Posters

    Three posters – 'A living wage must pay enough to live on', 'Grossly Different Pay rates' & 'Why do we have food banks in a rich country?'

    The Quaker Living Wage Campaign

    Lancaster Quaker Meeting runs the Quaker Living Wage Campaign (offsite link). They provide Quaker organisations with resources that help them become Living Wage accredited, help Quakers encourage businesses to become Living Wage Employers, and work with politicians to ensure a Quaker view on fair wages is heard in parliament.

    It all started in 2014 when they set up a stall in Lancaster town centre and invited individuals to find out more about why a Living Wage matters to Quakers.


    Being in town for an hour at a time, engaging with passersby about those who do not pay the Living Wage and celebrating those who do, highlighted for us just how much support our campaign had. We were heartened and challenged in our encounters and encouraged by many who simply said thank you.
    - Lancaster Quaker Living Wage Project Group


    As a result of their efforts, there are now seventeen Living Wage accredited Quaker organisations. In 2018 alone, three Area Meetings became accredited: Bristol, Bournemouth Coastal, and West Wiltshire and East Somerset. Many more Quaker organisations are working towards accreditation with the support of the Quaker Living Wage Campaign.

    Quakers in Britain has created a map that shows the Area Meeting districts that now pay a Living Wage to all employees. It also shows: Area Meetings that do currently pay the Living Wage, but are not formally accredited; Area Meetings who do not employ staff; and undeclared Area Meetings. In this first draft of the map, islands off the mainland coast are not shown. These will be added in the next edition.

    View the Quaker living wage campaign map (PDF).

    Can you help fill in the map? Submit information about your Area Meeting's Living Wage status to the Lancaster Quaker Living Wage Campaign – email livingwage@lancsquakers.org.uk.

    Quakers in Britain: Living Wage Employers

    Britain Yearly Meeting has been a Living Wage Employers since 2013. All staff are paid within a 1:4 ratio and above the London Living Wage, which as of November 2020 is £10.85 per hour.

    Friends House Hospitality Company, the commercial body within Britain Yearly Meeting, has a values-based tendering process that means that suppliers are encouraged to become Living Wage Employers, if they have not already done so. Read more about Friends House Hospitality Company.

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