Britain is one of the most unequal societies in the industrialised world. Here is what Quakers are doing to change that.

Economic inequality presents a fundamental challenge to Quaker testimony. It is also bad for us in social, economic and environmental terms.

Economic inequality is a complex problem, but there are things that we can do to build a more equal society. Quakers around Britain are working on making economic inequality a political priority.

How to get involved

    “We value that of God in each person, and affirm the right of everyone to contribute to society and share in life's good things, beyond the basic necessities."

    Public Statement, London Yearly Meeting, 1987 (Quaker Faith & Practice, 23.21)

    There are lots of things we can do as individuals and Quaker meetings to help challenge economic inequality in Britain. Through local and national initiatives, we can change the narrative – and people's lives. Here are just a few ideas.

    Send a story to Quakers for the Common Good

    This summer a group of Quakers cycled 360 miles to deliver a statement of support for the welfare state to the UK government. Many Quakermeetings along the route supported the group in their witness, and others read out their Declaration for Equality and the Common Good at Sunday worship. After 10 days of cycling, the group delivered their declaration to 10 Downing St on 4 August. Read local newspaper coverage of the Ride for Equality.

    The group collected accounts from people affected by cuts to benefits or public services during their journey. They now hope to get 1000 stories to present to MPs at the end of 2018. Email to share yours.

    Join a credit union

    Quakers in North Wales are responding to economic inequality by supporting individual Quakers and meetings to get involved in local credit unions. Read their story here.

    Credit unions play an important role in making finances accessible to people in poverty. Find out more about how credit unions work from the Association of British Credit Unions or Scottish League of Credit Unions.

    Pay employees the Living Wage

    There are now fourteen Quaker Living Wage employer organisations, businesses, and Area Meetings. Quakers in Lancaster have set up a Quaker Living Wage campaign, and provide meetings with materials and information about how to become certified as a Living Wage employer. Learn more about Quaker work on the Living Wage.

    Manchester Area Meeting celebrate their Living Wage Accreditation. Photo: Manchester AM.

    Make connections

    See what other Friends are saying and doing about inequality on the Quaker Action on Inequality Facebook group, set up by a member of Central England Area Quaker Meeting.

    Read Quaker stories of witness

    Quakers are finding creative ways to campaign against economic inequality, poverty and unjust government cuts. Browse through economic justice stories from different meetings and groups to get inspiration for an initiative to suit your community.