Quakers seek to balance public campaigning with dialogue with government and politicians. We respond to consultations, make submissions to parliamentary committees, and meet political representatives to discuss our concerns.

Are you interested in finding out more about how to engage with politics? Would you like to speak out about a current political issue? Please also take a look at How Quakers do politics.

Our political work has three strands. We:

  • support Quakers to be politically active
  • engage parliamentary and political institutions
  • work with other campaigning and faith groups

We work on issues where we are called to act by our faith. This means that we go through a careful process of reflection before we speak out.


New briefing: Early general election

This guide, written in 2019, will help Quakers engage with politicians in the run-up to a possible general election in late 2019 or early 2020.

Supporting Quakers

If you want to speak out as a Quaker, begin by considering whether your concern is already a Yearly Meeting concern. If it isn't, please test it with your local meeting. .

If your local meeting wishes to adopt it as a concern, they can send it to the area meeting. The area meeting can send it on to Meeting for Sufferings.

If you would like to take action on a political issue, we can provide advice and support. We can:

  • help you contact your MP or another elected representative
  • advise on writing letters or responding to government consultations
  • help you work with local media to get your message heard.

We can also give talks on political engagement to meetings. Contact us at politics@quaker.org.uk.

Please let us know if you contact a politician. That might be your MP, MSP (Scotland), AM (Wales) or a member of the House of Lords. Please complete this short form to record political engagement (offsite link). This will help us keep track of who has been contacted and on which issues.

If you are going to meet one of your elected representatives, please help us increase our impact by briefing yourself on other current Quaker concerns before the meeting.

You can find more information here on how Quakers do politics, and download our political guides.

Engaging political institutions and working with other groups

We attend some of the political parties' conferences every year. We often go as part of a delegation with other churches.

We respond to government consultations, brief MPs and others on legislation, and send letters to the government. Sometimes we do this jointly with other organisations. You can find our most recent statements and government submissions from our Quaker concerns page.

We work to engage the UK Parliament in Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and local councils. We also work with the Quaker Council for European Affairs (off-site link) on Europe-wide issues.

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Contact us

For Westminster, Scotland, Wales, local councils and the EU:
Grace Da Costa
Parliamentary Engagement Officer
Quakers in Britain
020 7664 1107