Children & young people's work advocates speak up for the need to include children and young people in the life of local and area meetings.

Children & young people's work advocates help local and area meetings to develop and support their work with children and young people. Some of the things that they might do are:

  • support local and area meetings to be inclusive of children and young people
  • promote activities and events within their area meeting and encourage families to come together regularly
  • make links with nearby area meetings and help to maintain networks once they have been created
  • raise awareness of activities and events that take place nationally and encourage children, young people and their families to become involved.

Guidance for advocates

For people new to the role a guidance document for children & young people's work advocates offers support. You can also contact the Children's Work Officer based at Friends House. Their contact details are available at the bottom of this page.

Guidance for area meetings

There is a guidance document for area meeting's in nominating Children & Young People's Work Advocates. This has been created to help area meeting nominations committees to find the right people to serve in this role.

Connecting with other advocates

Every three years Quaker Life holds a conference for children & young people's work advocates. It is a chance for advocates to become more familiar with their role and create links with other advocates. This event was last held on 6–8 November 2015 at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham.

Contact us

Mel Cook
Children's Work Officer
020 7663 1014