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For more information email To arrange to talk in confidence about leaving a legacy for Quaker work please email

Enquiries about estates
If you are an executor, or are administrating an estate that includes a legacy for Quaker work please contact Andrew McVicar. Email or phone 020 7663 1119.

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A gift in your will is a gift to future generations of Friends, enabling them to continue to put Quaker values into practice – just as we can today because of the generosity of others.

Every gift makes a difference. Many of our legacies are for modest amounts; taken together these gifts allow us to make a huge, positive impact well into the future. A gift of just 1% of your estate will support Quaker work, while still allowing you to provide for family.

If you have already made a will, it is easy to add a gift to Quaker work. You can draw up a codicil, or amendment to your will. Our legacy information sheet (PDF) contains information on making and amending a will, along with suggested wording for leaving a legacy to Quaker work. Our legacy pledge form (PDF) will help us plan ahaed and will allow us, if you consent, to occassionally stay in touch with you.

We have separate sheets to help you:

If you live in Scotland different laws apply (PDF).