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Quaker work in the world

"Do not be content to accept things as they are, but keep an alert and questioning mind. Seek to discover the causes of social unrest, injustice and fear...Work for an order of society which will allow men and women to develop their capacities"
(Quaker Faith & Practice, 23.02)

Here are some of the things that Quakers are doing right now in Britain and across the world.

Quaker work in the UK

Quakers are known for their commitment to peace, and much of our work in Britain today stems from this deeply-held concern. But we're also fearless in answering needs that others find challenging: we have worked successfully with sex offenders to reintegrate them into society and prevent reoffending; we fund placements for peaceworkers to support smaller organisations committed to promoting peace; and through Quaker Prison Ministers we offer friendship and spiritual support to prisoners, reaching out to some of society's most vulnerable people when they are often alone and unsupported.

Spotlight on: UK peaceworker placements

The UK peace movement is resilient and diverse but under-resourced.  As a key player in the UK peace movement, QPSW recruits talented young people and places them with other peace organisations to help bring on the next generation of peaceworkers.


What do the placements achieve? 

Dialogue with decision-makers: Kat Barton, working at War Resisters International, presented her research on Greece's treatment of conscientious objectors to the UN Human Rights Council in New York.

Nonviolent direct action: Jim Footner, working at Campaign Against the Arms Trade, organised a demonstration against a huge arms fair in London's Docklands.


For more information on UK Peaceworker Placements and other projects visit Quaker Peace & Social Witness.


What can I do to get involved? 

Support this work by making a donation

Get involved in fundraising for a peaceworker placement

Raise awareness - invite a peaceworker to speak at your meeting or group

Encourage people to consider applying to become peaceworkers 


Quaker work overseas


The Quaker concerns - peace, equality, truth and simplicity - don't just mean that we oppose war. We seek to build solid peace and security for people around the world; we identify and combat the causes and effects of conflict, injustice, poverty and oppression. We led work to bring reconciliation to young people in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia to acknowledge and move on from the wars of the 1990s; next year we will begin work to consolidate peace and the institutions of civil society in Burundi after years of strife; and on behalf of the churches in Britain and Ireland we manage the Ecumenical Accompaniers programme, sending impartial observers to monitor human rights abuses and offer protection through a non-violent presence to people in the Palestinian territories.


Spotlight on: Networking for peace in South Asia


Quakers are working to support people in zones of conflict in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Afghanistan. To help unlock the vicious cycle of violence perpetuating violence, QPSW are linking groups in the region who are committed to, and experienced in, non-violence in order to inspire others who are struggling with their own situation.


What has the project achieved?

  • SAPA-March.jpgWe helped to establish the South Asia Peace Alliance (SAPA) in April 2006 to promote nonviolence to enable people across the six countries to work together on key issues like peace education, media, regional identity and disarmament.
  • We trained South Asian peace activists in non-violence
  • We gave support to Ekta Parishad, an Indian people's movement that conducted the Janadesh march of 25,000 mainly poor people in October 2007 which shifted the Indian government's policies on land rights for poor people


For more information on Quaker work in South Asia and other projects visit our South Asia Appeal page.


What can I do to get involved?

Support this work by making a donation

Get involved in fundraising for the South Asia project

Send for an activity appeal pack

Invite a QPSW speaker to your meeting or group