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Millennium Development Goals - suggested letter for your MP

Suggested letter for your MP

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House of Commons,
London, SW1A 0AA

I am concerned that without the necessary commitment from western governments there is a serious danger that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will not be delivered by the target date of 2015. I urge you to put pressure on our government to meet their commitment to the world’s poor and to do all they can to ensure that other western governments do the same.

The current Government has committed itself to ring-fencing international aid at 0.7% GDP. Earlier this year it pledged to “concentrate our efforts on supporting achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, creating wealth in poor countries, strengthening their governance and security and tackling climate change…. The UK Government is determined to help reduce the inequalities of opportunity…. We believe that promoting global prosperity is both a moral duty and in the UK’s national interest.

I am heartened that the current government has recommitted to meeting its aid target of 0.7 per cent of national income by 2013, and is continuing to ring-fence the aid budget, which is crucial to its international obligations and commitments.

I would ask that you congratulate the government on this stance and that you support them in standing firm against any pressure to reverse this decision. In addition I request that you urge them to redouble their efforts by also:

  • funding grants to developing countries for sustainable development (or adaptation to climate change)
  • ensuring all unpayable and all unjust debt to poor countries is cancelled without the imposition of unjust terms
  • using their influence to encourage other western governments to do the same

As a Quaker I am committed to equality, justice and peace and believe we must acknowledge that our behaviour and lifestyle in the west can impoverish the earth. At our recent Yearly Meeting, Quakers minuted that we have a responsibility to conserve the earth’s resources and to share them more equitably.

I believe that the steps above are the minimum requirements necessary if we are to stand any chance of meeting the 2015 MDG targets and achieving a more equitable world for all.