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Raise money for BYM by searching the web

Everyclick is a mainstream search engine which gives half of its revenue to charity each month.

By using Everyclick as your search engine, and with Britain Yearly Meeting as your chosen charity, every search you do will raise money to help support Quaker work. To find out more about Everyclick visit their website.

It doesn't cost us, or you, a penny and it's very simple to do.

Get started

If you follow the link via the "powered by Everyclick" search box on this page, the Religious Society of Friends Britain Yearly Meeting is automatically set up as your chosen charity. Start searching and you'll immediately be raising money for us.

In order to ensure you have Britain Yearly Meeting set as your chosen charity when searching, try one of the following steps.

If you add Everyclick to your favourites it'll be even easier to find next time you want to search the web.

You can also make Everyclick your homepage by following on the link in the top right-hand corner of the Everyclick site.

You can try it now using the search box below. Enter your search terms and the results window will display BYM as the chosen charity and a running total of what has been raised.


You may need to check you have 'cookies' enabled on your browser so that when you return to Everyclick your searches can be allocated to your chosen charity. For more information visit the FAQ 'What is a cookie?'

How much money is being raised?

This table is taken from the Everyclick website and gives a rough estimate of the amounts that can potentially be raised against the number of people using the system.

No. of supporters using Everyclick Estimated Monthly Revenue Estimated Annual Revenue
100 £40 £480
1,000 £400 £4,800
2,000 £800 £9,600
5,000 £2,000 £24,000
10,000 £4,000 £48,000
20,000 £8,000 £96,000
50,000 £20,000 £240,000
100,000 £40,000 £480,000
500,000 £200,000 £2,400,000
1,000,000 £400,000 £4,800,000


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