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We believe that a world is possible where relationships between communities and nations are based on justice and respect, rather than military might.

'You cannot foster harmony by the apparatus of discord, nor cherish goodwill by the equipment of hate.  But it is by harmony and goodwill that human security can be obtained.' (Quaker Faith and Practice 24.40)

'Friends' opposition to all forms of violence imposes on them the responsibility to seek alternative responses to conflict and injustice.' (Quaker Faith and Practice 24.38)

Advice for Friends on the time of war

A PDF briefing [new window] that seeks to bring together some of the learning from previous wars and is an attempt to help Friends to cope with a challenging context for a peace church.

New briefing on the growing rise of militarism in the UK

Militarism has existed in the Britain for a long time, but there is a new tide of militarisation that has developed over the last five years.

Trident briefing

With a General Election set for 2015, now is when the policies that decide whether Britain replaces its Trident nuclear weapons are being set. If we don’t want a new generation of nuclear weapons, we need to influence those policies.

If you or your meeting is concerned about nuclear weapons, now is an auspicious time to write to your MP. We hope the Trident Briefing [PDF - opens in new window] included in this mailing can be useful.

A copy of the draft letter for your MP is also available.

Educate and Disarm

The newsletter of QPSW Peace & Disarmament and Peace Education programmes - March 2015 edition [PDF: 755kb- new window] now available.

Peace campaigning and networking

QPSW promotes understanding of the Quaker commitment to peace and its expression in the world today. Working with other organisations, policy-makers and the public, we promote disarmament and challenge militarism. In  particular, we work to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

In recent years, work has included developing and promoting an agenda for a safer world, based on progressive demilitarisation on the one hand, while tackling the systemic cause of violence such as poverty and the effects of climate change on the other.  A crude illustration of the problem is that the world spends over a trillion US dollars on the military and only a small fraction of this on alleviating poverty and addressing climate change.  As part of our work on sustainable security, QPSW has been liaising with the Government's 'conflict prevention' staff and raising public awareness and interest in the relevant issues.

You can learn about and get involved in work of the QPSW Peace & Disarmament Programme using the links on the left. To take action on peace issues visit

Taking Action on Drones

Drones represent a worrying new frontier in warfare and raise a number of grave concerns: high civilian casualties, targeted extra-judicial killings, kill decisions made half the world away and even the possibility of drones killing without human involvement. Read how you can take action.

A summary of the Quaker work on drones can be found on page two of the January 2014 edition of Educate and Disarm [PDF: 1.2mb - new window]

Peace testimony anniversary

January 2011 marked the 350th anniversary of the declaration of the Quaker peace testimony to Charles II. Read about the anniversary and the workshop pack.