At Yearly Meeting

Food and drink

Throughout Yearly Meeting, Friends House will be offering a variety of food options at all mealtimes, including breakfast. Meals and snacks will be available in the restaurant, courtyard and Quaker Centre café. More details will be posted nearer the event.

You can also bring your own food and there are a number of supermarkets and cafes close to Friends House.

Cool water fountains with biodegradable cups and lids will be available around the building, or you can refill your own bottles.

Bottled water will also be available in the corridors outside the Large Meeting House. Please help yourself and drop 50p in the bucket.

Community Hub

Yearly Meeting is a time for meeting old friends and making new ones. There will be space in the courtyard, bookshop, café and restaurant to meet and have a coffee. The Community Hub will be the place to go to enjoy meeting new friends around conversation tables, over art and craft activities, and board games. There will even be a jigsaw! This is the place to go if you are on your own at Yearly Meeting and would like to get to know new people. The Hub will be open throughout Yearly Meeting and will normally have a host present. Full details will be in the events listing.


The following information was sent by email to those registered to come to Yearly Meeting. If you haven't already, please register using our very short online form. It helps us plan and make best use of the Yearly Meeting's resources.

Yearly Meeting required business

  • Names being brought to Yearly Meeting for appointment can be seen on the Nominations page and are regularly updated. This page also contains nominations received to date for representatives and alternatives to Meeting for Sufferings for the triennium 2018–2021.

Documents for Yearly Meeting

The following documents are available on our the Documents page.

  1. Outline timetable
  2. Events listing
  3. Preparing for Yearly Meeting 2018
  4. Agenda and notes
  5. Epistles and testimonies
  6. Trustees' annual report, including financial statements (2017)

You can create your own itinerary for Yearly Meeting via the Timetable tab on the website. This allows you to choose the events you want to attend and print off a personalised programme.

Arriving at Yearly Meeting

You will be able to collect your badge and documents from 12 noon on Friday. Desks will be set up outside the Garden entrance to Friends House (or just inside if it's raining) where you can collect your badge. Documents can be collected either from the Bookshop or from the Community Hub.

To attend the Salter Lecture which starts at 12.30pm you can go straight to the Large Meeting House via the Euston Road entrance. You may collect your badge after the lecture.

The cloakroom will be open in the West Corridor from 9.30am–9.30pm for luggage.


Dots and Commas

You can still nominate Friends to serve on the Committee to Examine minutes by filling in the online nomination form by 2 May at 5pm.. Please use the form rather than emailing.

This Committee is responsible for checking the minutes at the close of each session and correcting any slight inaccuracies.

Yearly Meeting Nominating Group

Nominations to this group are open! You can nominate Friends online now by filling in the online nomination form (same form as above), or you can do so at Yearly Meeting.

The Yearly Meeting Nominating Group finds Friends to serve on Central Nominations Committee and the Yearly Meeting Committee on Clerks and brings these names to the following Yearly Meeting. Service is normally for one year. The process is explained in section 3 of Agenda and notes and the closing date is 6 May at 12 midday.

All-age worship

On Sunday morning there is the opportunity to worship together. Parents are invited to take their children into the Large Meeting House with them at 9.30. Worship will be a semi-programmed meeting for worship which will include a Faith and Play (offsite link) story.

Faith and Play is an approach to nurturing children's spiritual development and their experience and understanding of faith through stories and play. Play is children's practice, hence the name Faith & Play, deriving from Faith and Practice. It includes stories of Quaker faith, practice and witness.

The doors to the Large Meeting House will be left open to allow easy exit and re-entry. Children and parents can stay in the worship for as long as they wish. Drop-off time for the Children's Programme (0-11 year olds) is between 10.00am and 10.15am on the Sunday morning. This later time will also allow the adults running the children's programme to take part in all-age worship and to observe the Faith and Play approach.

Refreshments at Friends House


Served in the Quaker Centre between 8:30 and 10:00 including plated breakfast £5.50. A range of cereals, porridge, toast and preserves, Danish pastries and yoghurts will also be available.


The Restaurant and café will be serving lunch daily from 11:30 until 14:30. Lunch will include a selection of sandwiches (priced from £2.50), light snacks, salads and homemade soup (£3.00).

A quick service point serving quiches (£5.75) will be available in the courtyard.


The Restaurant will be open on Friday and Saturday from 17:00 until 18:30.

The courtyard area will be open on Sunday from 17:00 until 20:00 where there will be a 'farmers market' style meal served (£9.00 / Children under 12 - £5.00) – tickets for this will be available in advance.

Quaker Centre café will be open throughout the day for hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and light snacks – see below for opening hours.


Cool water fountains with biodegradable cups and lids will be available around the building.

We will have some bottled water available but are trying to reduce the use of plastic. Please bring your reusable water bottles and use our water fountains.

The Quaker Centre

The Quaker Centre bookshop and café will be open as follows:

Friday: 8am–7pm
Saturday: 8.30am–7.00pm
Sunday: 8.30am–8.30pm
Monday: 8.30am–5.00pm

Hot and cold drinks and light snacks are available throughout each day.