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Yearly Meeting Gathering 2017

29 July–5 August, University of Warwick

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The next Yearly Meeting Gathering takes place in 2020. Further details will appear in autumn 2017.

Wednesday 2 August 8:00AM- 8:45AM

Experiment with Light

Humanities 1.48

Experiment with Light

Start the day with a contemplative Quaker practice. We will give ourselves time to wait in stillness and see what is really happening within us during this busy week.

Morning wake up

Chancellors 3

Rorie Nazareth

Combination of tai chi, chi gong, aikido to generally and gently wake up the body, mind, and spirit and get ready for the day.

Singing for Joy

Chancellors 1

Rachel Howell

Come and sing simple rounds and harmony songs, sacred and secular, from around the world. There's no need to read music or to be a 'good' singer - though there'll be plenty to enjoy for those who are confident as well as those who would like to sing but are not sure they can. The emphasis is on enjoying ourselves and the community we create through sharing our voices together.

Wednesday 2 August 7:00PM- 9:00PM

Groups Fair

Mead Gallery, Arts Centre

YM Agenda Committee

Groups present include:

African Great Lakes Peace Trust

Ammerdown Group: Rethinking Security

Charney Manor

Difficult Conversations

Friends Fellowship of Healing

Friends Historical Society

Friends House Moscow

Friends of Hlekweni

Friends Southern Summer Events

Friends World Committee for Consultation

Full name of Group

Give Peace A Chance Trust/The Peace Museum

Glebe House - Friends Therapeutic Community Trust

Glenthorne Quaker Centre


Living Witness

Money for Madagascar

Nontheist Friends Network

North Wales Credit Union group

Pity of War

Post Yugoslav Peace Link

Quaker Concern for Animals

Quaker Concern for the Abolition of Torture

Quaker Council for European Affairs

Quaker Disability Equality Group

Quaker Family History Society

Quaker North Wales Area Meeting Economic Justice Group Meeting

Quaker Peace Centre

Quaker Peace Studies Trust

Quaker Service Memorial Trust

Quaker Social Action

Quaker United Nations Office

Quaker Universalist Group

Quaker Values in Education

Quaker Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Quakers in Criminal Justice

The Friend

The Kindlers

The Quaker Tapestry

The Retreat York

Young Friends General Meeting

Wednesday 2 August 7:15PM- 8:30PM

Salter Lecture


Quaker Socialist Society

Further details to follow

Wednesday 2 August 7:30PM- 8:30PM

Building a movement: Developing a multi-racial nourishing Quaker Community

Panorama 1

Vanessa Julye, Nurturing Ministries Coordinator at Friends General Conference in the US.

How are Friends Meetings in USA and Europe addressing White Supremacy? During the summer of 2016, 8 of 15 Friends General Conference affiliated Yearly Meetings addressed the concern of racism and White Supremacy in some form. What can Friends do in Europe? Come to hear and talk about what some meetings are doing to address White Supremacy. Share what your Meeting is doing. If nothing, come and learn about positive actions you can take back to your meeting to address White Supremacy individually and together as a meeting.

Early Quakers and their pronunciation of English

Humanities 0.02

Judith Roads

Want to attend something rather unusual? An experimental workshop is planned which will explore mid-17th-century pronunciation of English. Bring your favourite extracts from QFP and and have a go. No prizes but a lot of fun.

Film - A Quaker Perspective 

Humanities 0.51

Michael Steer

This film is a work in progress. I have been filming a range of Quakers who have something significant to say about the world today with the aim to create an intelligent outreach tool or discussion starter. I'm showing it here to invite comment and suggestions about its direction and final form.

Quaker Universalism, Mysticism and Interfaith

Chancellors 1

Quaker Universalist Group

We will talk about and discuss our May 2017 conference on mysticism. Is mysticism a common factor in all religions and can an understanding of it help us as we work together with other faiths? We will look at relevant recent QUG pamphlets, including 'Resolving Difference in our ways of speaking about God or the ultimate reality' by Rex Ambler. There will also be a preview of our 2018 conference.

Wednesday 2 August 7:30PM- 9:00PM


Chancellors 2

Quaker Citizens

Neil Jameson, CEO and founding spirit of Citizens UK will explain more about what Citizens is - and is not. For example, it's politically neutral but active in the political sphere. Citizens learned from the Industrial Areas Foundation and Barack Obama how good organising will beat demonstrations for effectiveness. Neil will tell us about some successes in holding politicians to account and getting commitments to change. Even more importantly, we hold each other to account. You've heard of the Living Wage Foundation? Guess who. What are the next changes that will really make a difference?

Wednesday 2 August 9:30PM-10:00PM


Arts Centre Butterworth Hall


Reflective closing of the day

Wednesday 2 August 10:00PM-10:45PM

Experiment with Light

Humanities 1.48

Experiment with Light

End the day with a contemplative Quaker practice. We will give ourselves time to wait in stillness and see what is really happening within us during this busy week

Hand/foot massage with mindfulness

Humanities 0.60

Mary Alice Mansell

While learning therapeutic massage 20 years ago I became aware of how we can move energy around when we concentrate. The same experience I have in a gathered MfW. Using hand/foot massage is a "safe" way to explore and experience this.