We want to make Yearly Meeting Gathering 2017 as accessible as we can. This means catering for people with very different needs, both in the accommodation and in the planning of the event as a whole.

More information will be added to this page as planning progresses. Please check back.

Helen Cherry, our Accessibility Officer, is here to help us meet your access requirements. If the information you need is not here, you can write to Helen at or call 020 7663 1040.


If you have particular access needs you will be able to provide some information on this during the booking process.

The online booking system will not work for some people:

Screen reader users: apologies but there have been technical difficulties with the booking system which may make it difficult for you. Contact the Yearly Meeting Office on or Tel 020 7663 1040.

People who require a bursary from the Yearly Meeting bursary fund: If you need financial help this needs to be organised before you book. Contact Gary Mitchell on or call 020 7663 1006

People who are not paying for their place (e.g. the personal assistant of a disabled Friend): Contact the Yearly Meeting Office on or Tel 020 7663 1040.


Not all the accommodation is equally accessible for all people. In order to ensure we meet the needs of as many people as possible we need some flexibility in how we allocate rooms. Therefore, when booking, you will choose a type of accommodation. Actual rooms will generally be allocated closer to the event. Where you have very specific requirements which can only be met by a few rooms Warwick University will work with the Accessibility Officer (Helen Cherry), to identify and reserve a suitable room (or rooms) for you and your family or group.

If the accommodation available to you is not affordable for you, please request a bursary.

Lifts are only available in ensuite and semi-ensuite accommodation.

For help with identifying your access requirements at Yearly Meeting Gathering please contact Helen Cherry by email on or call 020 7663 1040.


If you need documents in a different format, email or call 020 7663 1040.

Assisted hearing facilities

Induction loops are already fitted in the main halls and lecture theatres and many of the smaller meeting rooms. Most feed directly to hearing aids with a t-switch. In a few rooms, including the main meeting room (Butterworth Hall), there is an infra-red system. For the infra-red system neckloops will need to be worn by those with hearing aids and headsets are available for for those without hearing aids.

We will also provide speech to text live captioning in main events.

When you book, please indicate any specific hearing assistance you need.

Getting about

The campus is fairly flat and graduated fixed ramps allow for step free access to buildings. There are lifts and all stairs have handrails.

Pick up and drop off service: We are planning to provide this to help you get from your accommodation to the main venues. Where possible we recommend this as an alternative to mobility scooters unless you are already a confident scooter user.

Mobility Scooters will be provided free if requested in advance. Please indicate whether you are familiar with using a scooter. Scooters will not be allowed into most buildings.

Disabled parking/Blue badges: If you need to bring your car, please indicate if you have a Blue Badge priority parking permit or not.

When you book, please indicate any specific mobility assistance you need.

Emergency evacuation

Please help us plan for your safety by letting us know what assistance you will need in an emergency evacuation. This includes any specific alert device or equipment you need.


If you need a bursary please contact Gary Mitchell for an application form.

Request a bursary application form

Help with access

For help with identifying your access requirements at Yearly Meeting Gathering please email Helen Cherry, the Accessibility Officer, or call 020 7663 1040.

Contact the Accessibility Officer