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Week 1: Tuesday 14th May

Introduction to neoliberalism and language and debating skills

In this first Mythbusters Session, senior economist at nef, spoke about ‘the 1% economy’.  James introduced the concept of neoliberalism and argued that the current neoliberal economic system is driving the growing inequality that we are seeing in the UK and elsewhere.

Richard Hawkins of the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC) then drew on psychological research to offer some advice and tips on how to argue for a fairer economic system.

Finally, in the QPSW consolidation session that followed James and Richard’s presentations Suzanne Ismail reflected on how the Mythbusters course links to Britain Yearly Meetings corporate commitments on economic justice and sustainability.


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Background information

Please note, opinions presented in Mythbusters lectures and reading materials do not necessarily represent the positions of Quaker Peace & Social Witness or Quakers in Britain