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We warmly thank the following trust and agency donors for their support in 2013:

The 1970 Trust
Bryan Lancaster’s Trust
CB & HH Taylor Trust
Christian Aid
Church of Scotland
Dundee Friends Property Trust
E Robson Charitable Trust
Essex Community Foundation (on behalf of The
Chiron Trust)
Friends Ambulance Unit Members’ Assistance
G W Cadbury Charitable Trust
George & Mary Crosfield Charitable Trust
Hermon Trust
Hetty George DRC Trust
Hilda and Alice Clark Charitable Settlement
HT & LB Cadbury Trust
John Cutforth Charitable Trust
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
Methodist Church
Oakdale Trust
Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation
Pollock Memorial Missionary Trust
S C Witting Trust
SC & ME Morland’s Charitable Trust
Scottish Episcopal Church
Sir James Reckitt Charity
Sisters of Charity of St. Louis
SR & PH Southall Charitable Trust
The Dennis Family Trust
The Edith M Ellis Charitable Trust
The Fulmer Charitable Trust
The Hillcote Trust
The JA Trust
United Reformed Church
W F Southall Trust
Westcroft Trust
Wensleydale & Swaledale AM Trust
William A Cadbury Charitable Trust

We thank Alfred and Isabel Bader for their continuing generous support.

We are grateful to those who left legacies for Quaker work in their wills:

Anne Harris
Arthur Coates
Beatrice French
Beatrice Watson
Betty Rostance
Brian Awty
Christine M Stark
Christopher Barber
Clare Milne
Constance Joan Catteau
Denys Goose
Diana Tinson
Doris Wilson
Dorothy E Marshall
Eirene Sarfas
Elizabeth Rackham
Emma Jane Slessenger
Ethel Planker
Freda K Burnett
Gerald Carter Preston
Gordon Richmond
Helen Pitchforth
Janet Ball
Jessie Waumsley
Joanna Kirkby
John Hicks
John Rhodes
Lakshman Chandrasekera
Lilias R Atkinson
Lucy Hedley
Margaret Cleaver
Margaret Stillwell
Marjorie Hodge
Mary Alice Perkins
Mary Gresson
Melanie Barber
Monica Lindsell-Stewart
Myrtle Fanny Lawrence
Nora Davies
Rachel White
Raymonde Hainton
Richard Arkle
Rose Knight
Selwyn Mable
Sheila Jackson
Sheila McCormack
Stephanie Thomson
Stephen Kemp
Ursula Bozovic
Winifred Booker
Winifred Rouse