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We warmly thank the following trust and agency donors for their support in 2014:

The 1970 Trust
Bryan Lancaster Trust
Bunney Reckitt Trust
CB & HH Taylor Trust
Christian Aid
Church of Scotland
Dennis Family Trust
Drewry Charity Trust
E Robson Charitable Trust
Edith M Ellis Charitable Trust
Evan Cornish Foundation
George & Mary Crosfield Charitable Trust
Hermon Trust
Hilda & Alice Clark Charitable Settlement
Hillcote Trust
HT & LB Cadbury Trust
Inlight Trust
JA Trust
John Cutforth Charitable Trust
Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
Larren Art Trust
Methodist Church
Network for Social Change
Oakdale Trust
Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation
Pollock Memorial Missionary Trust
Roger & Sarah Bancroft Clark Trust
S C Witting Trust
SC & ME Morland’s Charitable Trust
Scottish Episcopal Church
Sir James Reckitt Charity
United Reformed Church
W F Southall Trust
William A Cadbury Charitable Trust
William P Bancroft Charitable Trust

We thank Alfred and Isabel Bader for their continuing generous support.

We are grateful to those who left legacies for Quaker work in their wills:

Alan Ivamy
Alice Allott
Ann Strauss
Anne Brooke
Anne Faulkner
Avis Swarbrick
Beatrice Ethel Minto
Caroline Wise
Constance Joan Catteau
Daphne Ogg
Dorothy Cohoe
Dorothy H Mounsey
Dorothy Hoon
Dorothy Marshall
Edith Walden
Erika Phillips
Geoffrey B Easton
Gordon Richmond
Helen Major
Henry Alfred Wilson
Jack Slaney
Jane Douglas
John Atkinson
Joyce Patterson
Kathleen Mary Wright
Lucy Aynsley
Margery P Baillie
Marjorie White
Mary Alice Perkins
Mary Beryl Gould
Mary Crompton Pring
Mary Donald
Michael Eric Wandless
Peggy McGeoghegan
Richard Arkle
Ronald Keith Hillier
Rosemarie Shepherd
Sybille Marie Van der Sprenkel
Thomas Marsh
Tobias Brandt
Vera Martin
William Arthur Marsh 
William Grigor McClelland
William Rowan